Waco Family Medicine Goes Public Phase of $ 51 Million Campaign for New Facility | Local news

“In order to be able to go to work, you have to be in good health,” Meek said. “This is where Waco Family Medicine comes in for so many families. I think one of the values ​​that this organization brings is the success of our economy. “

Waco Family Medicine has more than 580 employees and 15 sites where it cared for 58,850 patients last year, or about 22% of McLennan County’s population. About 84% of these patients were below the federal poverty line and 37% were uninsured. The operation is a federally accredited health center, which means that it meets a range of requirements, including the provision of services on a sliding scale income-based fee scale, to receive funding by the through the Health Resources and Services Administration.

To continue expanding access to health care, expansion of the facility is needed, said Griggs.

“If we intend to continue providing the best training and the best primary health care, if we truly intend to expand our services and care to more community members who need it, it It is imperative that we build a new facility capable of accommodating our growth. “said Griggs.

The focus on community access also played a role in the decision to retain the primary address of Waco Family Medicine where it has existed for nearly 30 years.

“Family medicine must be in the community. It’s extremely important, ”Hardin said. “We knew we had to build here, so we knew we had a big job because we had limited space. “

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