The X-Men’s Banshee May Have Shaped Magneto More Than Professor X

A forgotten X-Men story revealed that Professor X may have had less of an impact on Magneto’s life than he thinks – and that Banshee shaped him instead!

the x-menit is banshee may have secretly shaped Magneto even more so than Professor X. The story of Erik Magnus Lensherr is legendary in the history of the mutant race; a Holocaust survivor, he is dedicated to ensuring that the mutant race never suffers the same fate. His methods, however, were very different from those of his old friend Charles Xavier, and the two clashed countless times.

There are, however, many gaps in Magneto’s story; entire decades of operating in the shadows, his actions unknown. Ironically, Marvel’s slippery timeline means these gaps simply grow in size; by most estimates he has only been known to the world for a few decades, although it is accepted that during this time he has become a force to be reckoned with. It raises the tantalizing question of what Magneto did between his escape from the Holocaust and the modern era.


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A curious clue is offered in Scott Lobdell and Tom Grummett’s Generation X #10-11. This two-part story saw the Generation X team uncover the secret history of their mentor Banshee; that decades ago, when he was an Interpol agent, Sean Cassidy hunted the serial killer who was destined to become Omega Red. Emma Frost learned of this by entering Banshee’s mind, and she was shocked to discover that Banshee had help from an unexpected source; Magneto.

Gen X Banshee Magneto

The comic implies that a mysterious shadow war was underway, long before the formation of Charles Xavier’s X-Men and Magneto’s evil brotherhood. At this point, Magneto seems dedicated to trying to keep mutants from being weaponized, while he also uses assets such as Banshee to hunt down mutants who would cause a genetic civil war. The irony, of course, is that Magneto himself will eventually become the man campaigning for war between humans and mutants.

Emma senses there is more to Banshee and Magneto’s relationship than just the glimpse she saw; that was just the beginning. Plus, she thinks this untold story is more important to Magneto’s life than anyone realizes. that Banshee had something to do with Magneto’s transformation into the monster he would become. If Emma Frost is right, Charles Xavier didn’t have as much influence over Magneto as he believed; once from him x-men done, but banshee kept his secret all these years, and neither he nor Magneto never showed the slightest suspicion of intending to reveal the truth.

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