The Scarlet Witch’s Origin May Explain the MCU’s First Doctor Strange Plot Hole

In Captain America 2, Strange is a target of Hydra long before he learned magic, but experiments on Wanda may have revealed he has potential.

In 2014 Captain America: The Winter Soldier, it is revealed that Stephen Strange was on a Hydra hit list because he could interfere with their future plans, even though he was practicing medicine at the time and had no current connection to magic – a apparent plot. Zola’s Algorithm, a program designed to determine which Hydra targets were current or future obstacles, reported Stephen Strange, and his name is thrown around in the same breath as Tony Stark and Bruce Banner. But with no magic and nothing currently distinguishing him other than his keen skills as a neurosurgeon, it makes little sense for him to be on the target list – unless Hydra acknowledges the existence of magic. , and that Strange was reported to have the potential to use it. good.


In Avengers: Age of Ultron, Hydra is shown to have empowered Wanda Maximoff using the Mind Stone. By Wanda Vision, the Scarlet Witch’s powers and abilities have grown and are now more like the magic practiced by Doctor Strange and his fellow wizards – something that seems like a direct growth from her initial abilities. As these abilities also stem directly from Hydra’s experimentation following the acquisition of the Mind Stone due to the events of The Avengersit would seem that Hydra knew about magic and deliberately sought to activate this potential or could have discovered the existence of magic through these experiments.

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Hydra’s algorithm is believed to be able to model future threats to the villainous organization; one of the other targets listed alongside members of the Avengers is a “valedictorian of high school.“It is hard to imagine how such a teenager would pose a threat to Hydra, with the possible exception of his participation in the Hydra Miracles experimental program. If the list of threats is credible and there is no no evidence presented in the movies that she isn’t, so using complex data analysis and current information, Hydra is able to model the future well enough to know it’s best to eliminate these people directly. Doctor Strange is therefore on the list of what he will one day become, which means that Hydra may have detected a predisposition towards magic.

How Hydra’s Miracles Program Connects to Zola’s Algorithm

The information used to strengthen the Scarlet Witch with the power of the Mind Stone would be the ideal source of information on magical energy. An in-episode advertisement during Wanda Vision episode 3 promises that a Hydra-branded product will allow users to “Find the inner goddess.This seems to imply that Hydra did not induce Wanda’s magical abilities, but instead may have triggered existing abilities into an active state. While Hydra in the MCU had a number of rulers, Baron Strucker has been a recurring character in Hydra’s leadership, potentially linking the Miracles program to Zola’s algorithm and providing the experimental data needed to make the connection.

Perhaps most notable about Doctor Strange’s flagging as a potential future threat is that Hydra was right to do so. Despite being a person of seemingly good intentions and general ability, 2014’s Stephen Strange is not yet a direct threat to Hydra, personally or politically. Two years after being mentioned in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Strange is involved in a car accident, maimed, and seeks tutelage in the mystical arts of sorcery in order to regain the use of his hands. Although it is implied that this is the result of her hard work, Hydra could very well have seen her potential years before it was realized.

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