The role of the family doctor

Family therapy is a specialty inspired by the old “generalistCurrently, family doctors are trained to treat all kinds of health problems, always keeping three concepts in mind:

  • person-centered.
  • comprehensive care.
  • continuity of care.

as explained by Dr. Nathalie Colomer, head of the family medicine unit, consultation They are focused on people’s needs, on the basis of which individual action plans are agreed. “What Family doctor We adapt to the needs of the patient, whether it is education on a disease, resolution of doubts, orientation on the problems it requires, prevention and treatment of various malformations.

one of the main characteristics of family medicine are address everyoneConsidering the following dimensions:

  • Organic: Analysis of your physical health.
  • Psycho-emotional: Check his emotional state and mental health.
  • Social: Understand your family and work relationships and how they affect your health or illness.

Family medicine at the clinic

Our family medicine unit was born in September 2021 in response to the need of patients a attending physician, over timeTo help them solve the challenges of the different stages of life.

“The MFamily medicine is a medical specialty which is studied for three years after graduation general medicine and one insidegeneralist visionIn german clinic we are numerous Specialists dedicated to family therapy for adults and family therapy for children“, explain the Dr. Nathalie Colomer,

The expert points out that on the contrary Internal medicine and general medicineloss Family doctor they just participate outpatient consultationsabove all, Patients who present with frequent, less severe health problemsFrom colds to urinary tract infections to mental health issues.

“One of us Competence is the attitude of patients with mental health problems: when people Stressed out Hey somatizingwhen they don’t sleep well… we help them by changing something habits, know them, support them and guide them in their approach. We can too Indicate pharmacological treatment In case it is necessary”, specifies the professional.

If the health issue is of a different complication or severity, the patient is directed and then referred to the most appropriate medical professional or specialist. “We work as a team to help in the best possible way” the patientsSince our main goal is that your Health care needs are better metsupport them in the process and that they realize their Improved health and well-being over time“, confirms the Dr. Nathalie Colomer,

benefits of family therapy

In family medicine,continuity of care“It is fundamental. It’s not just a single doctor who sees the patient again and again, but also helps him:

  • to prevent,
  • educated,
  • Treat with.
  • rehabilitation.
  • maintain good health.
  • See if necessary.

“We want the patient to know where to start, not go to different doctors looking for answers. Hence the importance of being a generalist, which gives him confidence and knows his story. So Patients learn, empower themselves and make better decisions about their health and self-care“, They say Specialist Clinica Alemana,

in this context, Family therapy encourages certain self-care habitsof them:

  • practice any sport.
  • Take the necessary hours of rest.
  • Set boundaries between work and home.
  • Nutritious food.
  • Strategies for managing stress, such as having hobbies.

So far, we have had a very good reception. Patients appreciate that treatment decisions are made together, taking into account their strengths, values ​​and opinions. And that they can solve various health problems with an attending physician. educated and integrated to the sick what happens to him is very important for him and for us Family doctor“, comments Dr. Nathalie Colomer,

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