The 14 Hottest Pokemon Teachers, Ranked

The internet is collectively craving the two newest Pokemon teachers introduced in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple, the latest game in the franchise. Each generation of Pokémon gives us new monsters to collect, worlds to explore, and a new Pokémon teacher to help guide new trainers. Most games come with a teacher, but in Scarlet and Purplethe copy you choose determines the teacher you will encounter on your new Pokémon journey.

When new teachers, Sada and Turo, were introduced, fans couldn’t help but but notice that both were ridiculously beautiful. The Pokemon The franchise has certainly had hot teachers before, but something about the teachers in the Paldea region in particular has players all hot and bothered.

In honor of the release of Scarlet and Purple, we took the opportunity to rank the most popular Pokémon teachers for your viewing pleasure. While this ranking may not be exhaustive, it sure is sexy.

14. Laventon

Image via The Pokemon Company/Game Freak

Professor Laventon made his first appearance in Pokemon Legends: Arceus and while we appreciate his style, he’s not exactly what we would consider hot. Laventon is more of a wacky uncle than someone to date. We wouldn’t mind if he offered us one of those cool pom pom hats.

13. Elm

Image via The Pokémon Company

Professor Elm has its moments, but Professor Johto Pokémon was not designed with attractiveness in mind. Elm is one of the more low-key teachers, barely making an appearance in the main plot of his respective games, and not much is known about him other than being a little giddy than the other teachers. . This clumsy professor has a special place in our hearts for giving us our first Cyndaquil but we can’t rank him higher because we just don’t know him enough.

12. Oak

Image via The Pokémon Company

Professor Oak is the quintessential Pokemon teacher and while not unattractive, he gives off some grandpa vibes that keep him down the leaderboard. Oak is definitely one of the most helpful teachers because he introduced us to the world of Pokémon and we will always respect him for that. Although we personally don’t find it hot, there is definitely someone who does.

11. Magnolia

Image via The Pokémon Company

Professor Magnolia is a professor in the Galar region and although she doesn’t do much in her respective game, she looks cool. She is an elegant woman and we would like to take a tour of her jewelry collection. With her dignified attitude and kind eyes, we know Magnolia is a trap. Magnolia gets bonus points for her love of the corgi-inspired Pokemon, Yamper.

10. Rowan

Image via The Pokémon Company

Professor Rowan has a gruff, more serious demeanor than other Pokémon professors and his introduction into Pokemon Diamond and pearl is considered by many fans to be a turning point in the series. Rowan is the first professor to have such a commitment to personal style that he refuses to wear the usual lab coat and some believe his sharper character design ushered in an era of better looking Pokémon professors. We have a thing for a man with authority and Rowan has it in spades.

9. Juniper

Image via The Pokémon Company

Notable for being the first female Pokémon professor, Professor Juniper was introduced in Pokemon Black and White. Juniper has one of the friendliest personalities in games, as she’s smart, fun, and confident. Along with her intelligence and kindness, fans have also noted that Juniper has a very motherly look to her – which could be a plus or a minus depending on what you like. While we’re not personally interested in it, there are certainly people who are, given the overwhelming amount of Juniper fanart on the internet.

8. Willow

Image via The Pokémon Company / Niantic

Although he may be a Pokémon researcher only in the Pokemon Go games, Professor Willow has gathered many fans of her rugged beauty. With gear straight from a sporting goods store, Willow is one of the most outdoor-loving teachers out there. After an in-game kidnapping plot (yes, really), Willow came back with a new look that some fans loved and others were. less impressed with.

7. Birch

Image via The Pokémon Company

He may not be a stereotypical idol, but Professor Birch is a healthy type of attraction. Professor Hoenn wears cargo shorts, flip flops, and a satchel, so you know he’s serious in the fashion department. Kidding aside, Birch looks like the type of guy who would be nice to everyone he meets and you know he’d be happy just sitting on the couch with your favorite movie or video game. Birch is the guy you would take home to your parents, and that certainly counts for something.

6. Sycamore

Image via The Pokémon Company

When Professor Sycamore was first announced in Pokemon X and Yes, the Internet immediately dubbed him the hottest Pokémon teacher. The admiration for the Professor’s obvious good looks has faded a bit in recent years, but he is undeniably still a handsome man. Sycamore’s look seems loosely inspired by late 2000s indie bands and you can definitely see the appeal of going to a local gig with Professor Kalos.

5. Burnet

Image via The Pokémon Company

She may not be the main teacher in her games, but Professor Burnet earns that title thanks to her extensive research into Ultra Wormholes. First appearing in the Alola region, Burnet is an outgoing and loyal person and is married to the (also sexy) Professor Kukui. We respect her eternal thirst for her husband and we also enjoy Burnet on her own as a badass Pokemon finder.

4. Tower

Image via The Pokemon Company/Game Freak

We all knew Professor Turo would be high on this list. The man is clearly proud of his looks and why wouldn’t he be, with such a strong canvas to begin with? His haircut and lab coat look really expensive, and while he can walk around in what’s essentially a futuristic jumpsuit, that’s only a problem if you let him. We would like to attend a lecture given by this professor.

3. Sada

Image via The Pokemon Company/Game Freak

Professor Sada is the prehistoric half of the futuristic Professor Turo and is just as sexy. We love Sada’s saber-toothed accessories, perfectly styled hair, and steely gaze that shows she’s serious. just like her Purple counterpart, Sada is almost too attractive. It’s no wonder fans have collectively lost their minds over these two handsome teachers.

2. Sonia

Image via The Pokémon Company

Sonia begins as an assistant to her grandmother, Professor Magnolia, but becomes a full-fledged Pokémon teacher by the end of Pokémon Sword and Shield. Sonia is an avid Pokémon researcher who is determined to succeed, and we can only admire that quality. She’s also arguably the cutest teacher on this list with her heart clips in her hair and infected smile. We can’t decide if we want to be her or date her.

1. Kukui

Image via The Pokémon Company

The first place in our ranking goes to Professor Kukui from Alola. This Pokémon teacher has it all: a sweet, laid-back personality, combat savvy, and abs of steel. The only professor on this list to also be a champion for his region, Kukui knows his stuff when it comes to Pokémon. He gets along well with children, he is athletic and he is basically a superhero — how not to faint?

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