Teacher’s identity leads to the best arc in the game


The professor’s identity in Lost Judgment leads to one of the best character arcs in the game.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Lost judgment.

In the beginning Lost judgment, protagonist Takayuki Yagami and Yokohama 99 detectives infiltrate Seiryo High School and set up a bunch of hidden cameras in order to catch bullies at the behest of the institution’s president. However, in the process, Yagami ends up getting caught red-handed by a student named Kyoko Amasawa. Yagami later becomes an advisor to the Mystery Research Club (MRC), run by Amasawa, to justify his presence on campus in his investigation into the murder of Hiro Mikoshiba.

MRC membership begins Lost judgmentThe longest side case / School Stories of, which features a large number of mini-games and investigations that Yagami has to go through. In it, Yagami must complete nine more questlines of varying lengths to uncover the identity of a criminal named the Professor. As Amasawa explains, the professor uses a website on the dark web to incite students into delinquency. Worse yet, the Professor also works in conjunction with the Neo Keihin Gang – the latest Keihin Gang take on the original. Judgement. And what emerges from this survey is one of the best arcs of Lost judgment.

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Who is the teacher?

During Lost judgment‘s School Stories, Yagami and Amasawa learn some key facts about the teacher. First, the professor is incredibly good with technology. Second, it is either a student or a young faculty member from Seiryo High School. However, this information alone is not sufficient to identify the teacher. Instead, the centerpiece of the evidence comes from Kento Amasawa. As he reveals, all of the students the professor was trying to turn into delinquents were previously members of a disastrous cultural festival committee. In fact, only one former member of this committee was not targeted: Kotoko Itokura.

Before the events of Lost judgment, Itokura was a strong student, but her imperious attitude towards her fellow members of the cultural festival committee made them turn their backs on her. This resulted in the failure of the cultural festival and Itokura refused to come to the school out of shame. Then, using the incredible computer skills she learned from her late father, Itokura began working to turn her enemies into delinquents so that they were arrested and kicked out of school.

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Why the professor’s bow is the best of lost judgment

The Itokura arch is easily Lost judgmentis the best. She begins the game deeply angry with those around her for the humiliation she suffered within the cultural festival committee. However, Itokura is also involved very early on in the plot. During the school history of the Seiryo High Dance Club, Yagami learns that a student named Maika Takanashi worked as a sugar baby so that she could cover Itokura’s school fees as she is on the point of losing his scholarship due to absenteeism. From there, Itokura joined the Seiryo High Robotics Club and ended up forming real bonds with the members and serving as a mentor to aspiring programmer Dento Sakura.

Due to his desire for revenge, Koga – the leader of the Neo Keihin Gang – draws Itokura into his plans and convinces her that the only way to live as his authentic and individual self is to help him. Of course, when Itokura starts to realize that what’s going on isn’t right, she tries to back down. However, Koga threatens Itokura’s sick mother. Itokura finds herself trapped because of her desire for revenge. And all alone, Itokura has no way out.

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However, as a result of Yagami’s work, all of the people who were once Itokura’s enemies come together and help save her from Koga. Lost judgmentThe message here is fundamentally a message of community and forgiveness. At the same time, these things are only possible because Itokura makes the choice to begin to reintegrate early in the story. The main conflict arose from the fact that Itokura did not want to work with others, and as her time as a teacher comes to an end, she learns the value of being part of a community.

What makes this bow so fascinating is that it is extremely human. So many of those who have been wronged know what it is like to seek revenge on those who have hurt them. Yet acting on those impulses and letting that desire for revenge burn itself out is not healthy. Itokura’s story also illustrates that what character wants is not necessarily what they need. In the end, it’s satisfying to see Itokura go from want to take revenge for realizing that she Needs learn the value of others.

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