Students in white coats celebrate the start of medical studies | Information Center

Like Gonzalez, Chigozie Maduchukwu, a new medical assistant student who was raised by Nigerian immigrant parents, said cultural humility and competence are what drive her desire to provide the best care.

“I want to make the white coat proud,” Maduchukwu said. “I know patients can be skeptical of science, but at the end of the day, we have to recognize that and remember the white coat emphasis on positive outcomes.”

A convincing welcome

At the opening of the ceremony for medical students, Lloyd MinorMD, dean of the Stanford School of Medicine, greeted the incoming class with a call to action.

“We live in times heightened by COVID with enormous skepticism, but what endures is the trust patients have in the healthcare providers they seek care from,” Minor said. “We must do everything we can to ensure that the trust endures so that we can restore what is threatened in other institutions of society.”

The students put on their white coats as they approached the stage, then acknowledged the support of their family, friends and partners. When Gonzalez thanked his family for always having food on the table and for excusing him at family barbecues so he could study in his room, his family cheered loudly in the crowd.

The students then received their stethoscopes, an iconic symbol of the physical bond between a medical professional and a patient, said Volney Van Dalsem IIIMD, clinical professor of radiology and president of the Stanford Medicine Alumni Association.

Advocacy for patients

At the Physician Assistants Ceremony, Clair KuriakosePA-C, clinical assistant professor of primary care and population health and executive director of Stanford Advanced Practice Center, said, “As a PA student, you will have the opportunity to go beyond each patient encounter, sharing the context of a disease and the why of what you are recommending. More importantly, you will motivate and inspire them to be able to commit to a treatment plan of their choice. »

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