South African professor searches for lost engagement ring a month before wedding

Dr. Jasmine Harris believes she lost the ring at or near the St. Anthony Hotel in downtown San Antonio on Sunday, March 20.

SAN ANTONIO — A UTSA professor is less than a month away from getting married.

Last weekend, everything was ready for the big day, until she lost her engagement ring.

Now Dr. Jasmine Harris is on a frantic search to find him. She is not alone, however. Thousands of strangers on Twitter are joining us.

“Honestly, I feel like a shell of a person without her. I wake up in tears,” Harris told KENS 5 Friday via Zoom.

Harris got engaged nine months ago. Her fiancé and high school sweetheart Michael Bent proposed on the day the couple moved from Philadelphia to San Antonio.

She says Bent customized the ring with a pear-shaped diamond and a curvy ivy pattern for the open band.

Harris can’t help but admire her beauty. But Sunday after brunch, when she took a moment to admire the ring, it wasn’t on her hand.

“It wasn’t there,” Harris said. “My heart sank because I couldn’t remember taking it off.”

Harris thinks the ring could be in downtown San Antonio at the St. Anthony Hotel. She says it was the only place she went on Sunday.

“We went to brunch at Rebelle.”

Hotel and valet employees helped her search the hotel and restaurant inside and out.

Harris says she’s still tearing down her own house, piece by piece.

“My fiancé said to me, ‘Maybe it’s somewhere in the house.’ My gut tells me that’s not true,” Harris said. “One of the jewelers said maybe it slipped because it wasn’t so loose that it would normally fall off, but it was loose enough that it kind of turned on my finger.”

On Sunday afternoon, Harris took to social media and tweeted photos of the lost ring.

Within hours, his tweet went viral with over 10,000 retweets by strangers eager to help. Some shared her photos on Nextdoor and social networks, others gave advice on other ways to find the ring. One woman even offered to make Harris an identical engagement ring.

“I didn’t expect that to happen. Honestly, I think part of it is because the ring is so beautiful and so different,” Harris said. “For me, it’s not even the value. It’s something irreplaceable… I love it beyond its materiality. I love it for what it symbolizes.”

Harris filed a police report. Her ring is also part of a national register, serial number included.

“So if someone tries to sell it or pawn it, they’ll come across the police report,” she explained.

The couple are due to marry on April 22.

“I’m supposed to get married in a month,” she said. “Now I might have to do it without my engagement ring.”

The St. Anthony offers the couple a free night at the hotel for their wedding: a room with a view of the park.

If you find the ring, Dr Harris says you can tweet it at @DrHarrisJaytext her at 952-380-8742 or contact her by email at [email protected]

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