Should your doctor test you for anxiety?

Medical group considering recommending doctors test all adults

(WDEF) – A mammogram, colonoscopy and anxiety test.

A national group recommends doctors add the anxiety test for their patients under 65.

This is a draft recommendation from the US Task Force on Preventive Services.

They would like to see anxiety screenings for primary care adults without symptoms.

The group began evaluating studies on the subject before the pandemic. And now doctors say it’s more relevant than ever with the rise in mental health issues during the pandemic years.

The tests would be questionnaires about your fears or worries that interfere with the normal activities of your life.

The task force says the benefit of getting people on helpful treatments outweighs the risk of misscreening that could lead to unnecessary follow-ups.

They say anxiety disorders are the most common mental health problems. About 40% of women and 25% of men suffer from it during their lifetime.

And there are high-risk groups:

– African Americans

— People living in poverty

— People who have lost their partner

Public symptoms are panic attacks, phobias or always feeling “on edge”.

They say that 1 in 10 pregnant and postpartum women also suffer from anxiety.

The anxiety screening recommendation is not yet done.

So far, this is only a draft proposal, but the group generally accepts these projects.

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