She-Hulk’s Titania May Introduce Doctor Doom To The MCU

Although it will feature several eccentric villains, the upcoming She-Hulk: Lawyer named one as its central antagonist. Titania has a long history of wrestling with Jennifer Walters, and the Disney+ show is reimagining her as a narcissistic social media influencer. The character’s 21st century upgrade is meant to make her more complex and stay true to the series’ superhero slice-of-life premise, just like Daredevil won’t be so brooding.


Titiania’s comic book origin is very different, however, and although She-Hulk isn’t bound to follow him, his appearance may still hold clues to the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Because while the new show has its own plans for Jameela Jamil’s “most boring” character, it also ties in deeply to some of the other ideas the franchise might use in the future. In this spirit, She-Hulk may end up using Titania to drop a big hint about a future villain in the MCU.

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Titania has seen a lot of development and growth during her comic book appearances. Yet its basic description remained intact, and She-Hulk seems to keep that. The character first appeared in 1984 Secret Wars #3 by Jim Shooter and Mike Zeck, and began as a variant of Spider-Man gone wrong: a skinny, bullied woman who dreams of having superpowers to exact revenge on her tormentors.

Doctor Doom gave him the opportunity. When her suburb of Denver was removed by the Beyonder to become part of his Battleworld, she found herself under its sway. Using alien technology found in his Battleworld fortress, he imbued Titania with advanced strength and invulnerability, then pitted her against the assembled heroes. However, she was a brute at heart herself, and Spider-Man ultimately defeated her after seeing through her bluster.

The angle of influence in She-Hulk: Lawyer makes a great twist on this story, with Titania’s enmity for She-Hulk seemingly rising from Walters humiliating her in public. The show can – and probably will – focus on their conflict. But the origin of Titania in the first Secret Wars gains more weight with the announcement of Avengers: Secret Wars. Doctor Doom has been a resolute no-show in the MCU so far, but with Secret Wars helping to end Phase Six and the Fantastic Four on their way, he could be about to make his entrance.

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Titania could pave the way for Doctor Doom’s introduction through She-Hulk: Lawyer. The trailer for She-Hulk implies that super-powered beings are beginning to multiply in the MCU, and not all of them will be open about their origins. Titania might arrive with the cause of her abilities unexplained – possibly due to an unseen benefactor who helped elevate her social media standing and expects favors in return. It would definitely be in line with Doom’s modus operandi and could lead to an organic reveal of the villain in the future.

With the Secret Wars in the background and the Skrull in the works Secret Invasion, these aspects of Titania’s origins could also be brought up in the new series. The character’s background suggests more purpose for her beyond just being the big bad for She-Hulk. While Jennifer Walters has always been his nemesis and the TV series could very well focus on their conflict, Titania has a lot more to offer the MCU than just this rivalry.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law premieres August 18 on Disney+.

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