School physics: what is required for Illinois schoolchildren in 2021


Part 1: Physics required for Illinois schoolchildren

Thanks to Christie Clinic for sponsoring our 2021 Champaign-Urbana Area back-to-school series.

It may seem a bit too early to start talking about children returning to school. We understand, but there’s no better time than summer to take care of those back-to-school prerequisites.

During the pandemic, many preventive care visits were postponed. As a result, and also due to additional safety measures, many clinics are now extending the hours of operation to accommodate all children who need to be seen by a doctor.

Christie The clinic encourages parents to schedule a physical exam at school soon.

Starting physical appointments at school now will allow Christie Clinic Department of Pediatrics and Department of Family Medicine to better serve all patients while maintaining a safe visiting environment. Ongoing precautions are in place to ensure the safety of patients and team members, including overtime, visitor restrictions and social distancing to reduce the number of people in our facilities.

Parents can currently make back-to-school appointments via their MyChristie patient portal or online at

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The requirements vary depending on the class your child enters. Here’s what you need to know about school physical exams to prepare your child for the 2021-22 school year. Your doctor will likely have a copy of the Illinois physical form with your appointment, or you can access it here.

Who needs a school physique?

1) Is your family new to the state of Illinois? Regardless of your child’s age, all new students to Illinois schools must pass a comprehensive physical exam before first entering Illinois schools.

2) Children entering the following classes: early childhood, kindergarten or first grade (if the first grade in school), sixth grade and ninth grade.

It should be noted that the athletic physical evaluation of a child does not meet the requirements for the sixth or ninth grade physical examination; however, if you anticipate that your child might participate in school sporting events, have your doctor complete a sports physical form at your child’s physical examination appointment.

When is the deadline for my child’s physical examination?

The deadline for physical exams varies by district, so be sure to check with your child’s school to find out more. State law requires the exclusion of students who do not have the required health exam or vaccines “upon enrollment but no later than October 15th” or on an earlier date established by the school board. local.

In Unit Champaign 4, for example, all forms must be submitted by September 1, 2021. If your family is new to Unit 4 schools, proof of physical examination is due within 30 days of the date. ‘registration for out of state students.

If your child has had a recent medical exam, check with your pediatrician’s office for the correct forms. The exam must be completed no earlier than one year (365 days) before attending an Illinois school. (Need a pediatrician? Check out our reader recommendations.)

If you haven’t made an appointment for your child’s medical exam, you may want to do it as soon as possible, as many providers in the area expect to see an increase in appointments in the near future. the coming months.

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