Rick and Morty’s Doctor Who parody is its toughest pop culture legend

Rick and Morty has poked fun at a number of popular pop culture characters and franchises, but its Doctor Who parody is easily the hardest.

Content Warning: This article contains descriptions of sexual harassment

There has been no shortage of pop culture appeals throughout the rick and morty series, movie parodies mocking entire genres and franchises, though none of them were tougher than rick and mortyis a parody of Doctor Who.

Doctor Who is a live-action series suitable for viewers of all ages that follows a character named the Doctor, also known as the last survivor of an alien species known as the Time Lords. The Time Lords have unlimited access to the timestream by way of a TARDIS, a time-traveling vessel disguised as a small police box that’s notoriously bigger on the inside. Throughout the Doctor’s adventures, they gathered a number of human companions (who were mostly female) and showed them every corner of the cosmos at all times, while the Doctor is delighted to see the universe through the eyes of a human and proving to their companions that they too have the power to be more than ordinary people, but cosmic heroes.


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In rick and morty #16 by Kyle Starks and CJ Cannon, the series attempts to Doctor Who after Rick, Morty and Summer meet a character who is incredibly reminiscent of the doctor named Peacock Jones who travels with a barbarian companion during his introduction. At the end of the issue, the Barbarian sidekick is defeated by a group of Cybermen parody characters known as Robobros, and Summer takes his place as Peacock Jones’ sidekick. However, in rick and morty #19, it is revealed that Peacock Jones is not interested in showing his companions the wonders of space and time for himself, but because he expects sexual payback for taking them on fantastical adventures . When Peacock Jones makes a move on Summer, she rejects him and he aggressively tries to force himself on her, though Rick shows up and stops him before the situation escalates further.

Doctor Who's Rick and Morty parody is way too harsh.

rick and mortyis a parody of Doctor Who is a truly unsettling corruption of a beloved character that’s been around for decades. In the old days, rick and morty laughed at oceans franchise as well as the whole superhero genre in the episodes “One Crew Over the Crewcoo’s Morty” and “Vindicators 3: Return of Worldender” respectively, but these were lighter stories poking fun at the tropes associated with the films of heist and superheroes. Creating a character that looks exactly like the Doctor in every way and making him a sexual predator as opposed to a fun family adventurer is far darker than any parody the show has presented in the past because it corrupts the whole premise of Doctor Who, in a way that fans will never look at the beloved series the same way again.

It is logical that rick and morty would create a parody of Doctor Who since rick and morty has always been considered a version of Doctor Who it’s sort of “the same but opposite” in terms of characters and premise. However, this new portrayal of the Doctor goes beyond the normal legends of the series and looks like a truly venomous attack on Doctor Who as a whole by turning the Doctor into a time-traveling sexual predator – proving that rick and mortyit is Doctor Who the parody is his toughest caption in pop culture.

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