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The Government of Victoria is supporting local collaboration between health services and educators in central Victoria to increase the health workforce and meet the future health needs of the region.

Regional Development Minister Mary-Anne Thomas was in Bendigo today to launch the Loddon Campaspe Health Sector Roadmap and Skills Development – a new plan to help manage future demands on health personnel in the region.

The roadmap will foster closer links between industry, educators and training providers, and identify clear pathways for students and volunteers to qualification in areas such as nursing, allied health, Aboriginal health care and care for the elderly and disabled.

The healthcare sector is a vital and growing area of ​​economic activity for central Victoria and is the largest local employer, representing approximately 17,300 workers in the Loddon Campaspe area.

The roadmap foresees a significant increase in the aging of the population over the next 15 years, which will place additional demands on the healthcare sector and shift in demand healthcare skills from acute to chronic.

The roadmap highlights the importance of encouraging new and young workers in the sector to respond to local skills demands.

The recommendations are drawn from extensive engagement with students, educators, trainers, current employees, and industry professionals.

It was developed after the Loddon Campaspe Regional Partnership identified the growing need for skilled local workers in the sector and was made possible with funding from the Loddon Mallee Regional Development Australia Committee.

The Loddon Campaspe regional partnership will continue to work closely with industry, education and training players to activate the pathways roadmap over the coming months. To read the visit report

As stated by Regional Development Minister Mary-Anne Thomas

“I salute the obvious local collaboration in this work, which is helping the Victoria center shape its future and meet the needs of its growing healthcare sector.”

As stated by Bendigo East MP Jacinta Allan

“This roadmap shows how industry and education can work together more closely to provide students and young people with a real world experience and clear pathways to the healthcare sector.”

As stated by Bendigo West MP Maree Edwards

“If the past year has shown us anything, it’s how much we rely on the work of our amazing health workers and the important work they do every day.

As reported by Loddon Campaspe Regional Partnership Chairman David Richardson

“A broad consultation identified a need to improve our health education and training pathways.

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