Professor X used Wolverine’s DNA to grow his own claws

Fan-favorite mutant Wolverine is known for his unbreakable, razor-sharp claws – and now Professor Charles Xavier has his own deadly pair.

by marvel Wolverine is one of, otherwise the most popular members of the X Men never honor a comic book cover. The mutant’s ability to heal from almost any injury, along with his enhanced senses and aloof demeanor combined with his tragic backstory have made him endearing to many readers over its nearly 50-year history. But in Ultimate X-Men # 97, Professor Charles Xavier gets the chance to wield Wolverine’s most iconic weapons: his claws.

Wolverine is known for his adamantium skeleton, but his nearly unbreakable bones are not part of his mutation. As a member of Team X, Logan became a member of the Weapon X Program, which bonded his normal skeleton to metal in a terribly painful and risky process. Not everyone was able to survive the procedure, but Wolverine’s supercharged healing factor made him a perfect candidate. Its claws, however, have always been a part of its anatomy, but the claws are bones themselves. As part of Weapon X, they were sheathed in adamantium.


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In the Ultimate X-Men storyline at the time, the mutant growth hormone Banshee elevates mutants’ abilities to dangerous new levels. The drug, however, is terribly addictive, and some mutants can quickly become a danger to themselves and to others. Deep in the Savage Land fifteen years before the current timeline, Charles Xavier unsheathes his new claws and confronts a velociraptor. With just a few panels, he kills the dinosaur and the raptor body hits the jungle floor. The drug is derived from Wolverine’s DNA, granting Xavier not only his claws, but also his senses and healing abilities.

Xavier is amazed. Banshee provides power amplification, but “… completely new mutations. Unfortunately – it’s completely unstable.” Xavier, with his disciplined mind and powerful psychic mutant powers, was able to resist the addictive nature of drugs, but he worries that the others are not so strong. So Xavier decides to keep the nature of the drug completely a secret. This includes erasing Wolverine’s memories and completely covering up Banshee. Unfortunately, judging by current events in the Ultimate X-Men series, he was not quite successful.

It should be noted that the Ultimate X-Men The series isn’t technically defined in 616 Marvel’s main timeline, and some characters are quite different from their main counterparts. In particular, Xavier is more willing to follow the moral line in the Ultimate Universe (although his 616 counterpart isn’t exactly Captain America himself). Nevertheless, seeing Professor X handle Wolverines claws with wild abandon is certainly a new (and perhaps unsettling) sight for X Men Fans.

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