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Former Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach The Instagram feed shows off her toned physique, and did so in honor of her 33rd birthday. In her last photo, she posed in a swimsuit like a real Barbie. When I grow up, I want to be… 🎂,“She captioned it.”I love you @piawurtzbach happy bday mamsh,” the editor commented. Josh Yugen. “Happy birthday, Queen P! 💞,” host Nicole Cordoves said. How does she stay in shape? Read on to see five ways Pia Wurtzbach stays in shape and the photos that prove they work. And to prepare yourself for the beach, do not miss these essentials 30 Best Celebrity Swimsuit Photos!

Wurtzbach trains early in the day, she said Pep.ph. “I try to do it in the morning,” she said. “So it’s over and I can go on with my day.” “Exercising first thing in the morning (before breakfast) is proven to help people burn more stored body fat. But does it actually help people lose more weight? The jury is still out on that, says Dr. Frates. If you are trying to lose weight, experiment on yourself. Exercise before breakfast for four weeks, then after breakfast for the next four weeks. See how you feel and if one timing strategy helps you lose more weight than another,” says Harvard Health.

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Wurtzbach takes the time to train regularly, despite his busy schedule. “If I can do it every day, I would,” she said. “Schedule permitting, I do it every day. If not, I’ll do it a few times a week, but definitely I try.” “If you’ve just started a physical activity routine, any time you feel motivated and energized enough to exercise is the best time for you,” says Dr. Beth Frates, clinical assistant professor of physical medicine and rehabilitation at Harvard Medical School. Harvard Health.

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Wurtzbach’s fitness routine includes cardio and strength training. She encourages other women to do bodybuilding. “I do a lot of weight,” she said. “And a lot of women try to avoid weights or do more cardio. But that’s not true. We’re not genetically made to grow that big unless you try to change something in yourself. Weights and just a bit of cardio.”


Wurtzbach eats healthily and changed his diet earlier this year. “I promised myself to eat more green vegetables, to eat more fruit – like anything from the ground is perfect – and also to drink more water,” she said. “Sweet potatoes, carrots, red and green peppers, kale, spinach and broccoli all contain antioxidant carotene. Try to choose red, orange, dark yellow and dark green leafy vegetables every day,” says the Mayo Clinic.

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Wurtzbach told the Manila Bulletin this diet is more important to her than exercise. “Even if you do the cold dip, or even if you fast and do the hardest fast and train once or twice a day, all of that will be wasted if you don’t eat well,” says -she.

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