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Dr. Pamela Klena, Visiting Assistant Professor of Music at Oakland University, recently earned a Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Certificate from Cornell University after completing an intense eight-week course.

Elaine Carey
Elaine Carey
Glenn McIntosh
Glenn McIntosh
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“The course was a transformative experience,” said Klena, whose attendance at the course was sponsored by Glenn McIntosh of Student Affairs and Diversity and Dean Elaine Carey of the College of Arts and Sciences. “

“Through extensive testing, I discovered many of my own biases,” Klena said. “Most importantly, I learned to recognize these biases and more fully foster a psychologically safe space for my students.”

The course consisted of four topics:

• Improve engagement

Countering Unconscious Bias

Diversity and inclusion at work

Foster an inclusive climate

“Since completing my doctoral dissertation, ‘Towards a More Inclusive Profession: A Qualitative Study of Female Conductors’, I have been interested in other studies and research on discrimination, prejudice and movement towards inclusivity in the field of music,” says Kléna.

“This course, generally focused on business (not education), was extremely in-depth and insightful,” she added. “I received many useful tools that can be used individually or with a group (students or colleagues) to communicate inclusion norms and confront someone about non-inclusive behavior. Additionally, I have been very intrigued by the strategies learned to facilitate trust in groups, which I have therefore already begun to implement in my education classes.”

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