New details in the David Jones – NBC Boston case

Newly released investigative reports obtained by NBC10 Boston investigators offer more insight into the death of a Boston University professor who fell to his death down a rusty staircase near an MBTA train station last September. , including surveillance footage of the fall itself.

David K. Jones died on September 11, 2021, through a broken section of stairs on MBTA property at JFK Station. Surveillance video from the platform shows Jones heading for the stairs and the moment he falls.

David Jones, 40, of Milton, was out for a run when he fell to his death in a broken section of stairs on MBTA property at JFK Station. NBC10 Boston edited the fall video because it may be too graphic for some audiences.

NBC10 Boston edited the fall video because it may be too graphic for some audiences.

Last month, Suffolk County District Attorney Kevin Hayden announced that his office had completed its investigation into the tragic death, saying no criminal charges would be filed and it had been officially declared that he it was an accident. According to the death certificate, the cause of death was blunt force injuries.

Jones, a 40-year-old avid runner, was on the run when he attempted to climb the unrepaired stairs, which had been blocked and unattended for more than a year.

Crime scene photos show the space where the staircase was missing steps, and several of those rusty steps can be seen below on the floor.

Suffolk County Attorney’s Office

Crime scene photos show a large void in the staircase of the MBTA property at JFK Station where David Jones died.

Suffolk County Attorney’s Office

Another crime scene photo shows rusty stair treads on the floor under the stairs.

A gap can also be seen between the door and the staircase where Jones entered the area, as seen in security footage.

Suffolk County Attorney’s Office

In this crime scene photo, there was a gap in the fence that allowed access to a rusty staircase on MBTA property at JFK Station.

Immediately after the death, there was confusion as to which state agency was responsible for the staircase. MassDOT finally removed the stairs several days after the incident. After the incident, further fencing and warning signs were erected in the area.

Boston University professor David Jones died last year after falling down a rusty staircase.

“Any death is a tragedy and his family, loved ones, students and colleagues continue to mourn his untimely passing,” Hayden previously said in a statement. “However, based on a thorough and careful review of the evidence, we have determined that criminal charges are not warranted in relation to the death of Dr. Jones.”

Jones, who lived in Milton, Massachusetts, with his wife and three children, was an associate professor in the Department of Health Law, Policy and Management at Boston University’s School of Public Health. His research focused on health reform policy and the social determinants of health.

Jones’ death was investigated by state police and the district attorney, who said at the time they were looking into how Jones gained access to the staircase which had been closed for approximately 20 months after being deemed dangerous. The top and bottom of the stairs had been blocked off.

The death of a Boston University professor near the JFK MBTA stop is under investigation.

Following his sudden death, his wife, Sarah Sacuto, remembered Jones as the “most loving, kind, and considerate person” and “best father”, who “loved to dance to Phish, be out and running. He loved unconditionally and was the proudest father of his children.”

In a statement released just days after the fatal incident, Jones’ family called his death a “tragic and preventable death”.

Jones had an undergraduate degree from McGill University in Montreal, Canada, and graduate degrees from the University of North Carolina and the University of Michigan, according to his academic profile.

He was originally from New York, where he once worked as a pretzel vendor at Yankee Stadium, the university said.

He was founding editor of the Public Health Post, an online public health policy forum launched in November 2016; received an Association of University Programs in Health Administration Award for Young Investigators; the AcademyHealth Outstanding Dissertation Award; and the BU School of Public Health Excellence in Teaching Award.

The Associated Press contributed to this report

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