Montgomery College mourns professor killed in pedestrian accident – ​​NBC4 Washington

Students and staff at Montgomery College are mourning the loss of a beloved educator, Eric Grosse, who was struck and killed last Thursday while jogging in Bethesda, Maryland.

The 74-year-old was a part-time English teacher at the college’s Rockville campus. His colleagues said he will be remembered for his commitment to his students and colleagues.

“We have lost wisdom and an innovative, compassionate thinker,” said Elizabeth Benton, acting dean of English and reading. “He was an expert educator.”

There was no doubting Grosse’s love for teaching. He was a former dean who came out of retirement in 2015 to join the English department as a part-time faculty member.

Benton said Grosse was a tireless advocate for his students and colleagues. And it’s no surprise that she says the man who taught professional writing had a gift with words.

“His candor, his passion. He throws punches, I guess if I can say that, it’s just really nice to have as a member of the teaching team who tells you what he thinks, ”she said.

Investigators say Grosse was killed crossing the intersection of Tuckerman Lane and Kings Riding Way when he was struck by a driver, who remained at the scene. It is not known whether Grosse had activated the crossing signal before crossing the road.

His death stunned students and staff at the college’s Rockville campus, where he was scheduled to teach Monday night.

Even with the end of the semester, Benton said Grosse isn’t slowing down. This summer, he was going to work with students who were struggling to finish the semester on time.

“He had an air of commitment and caring,” she said. “He is truly committed to the art of teaching and to the mission of helping students and guiding them towards graduation.”

As of Monday night, students in Grosse’s writing class were still processing her death, but Benton says they are determined to move on.

“A lot of shock, a lot of tears, but a commitment to their work,” she said.

It is a commitment shown to them by their precious teacher who wanted nothing more than to see them succeed.

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