Money Heist 5 Trailer Breakdown: The Professor’s Death, Tokyo’s Past, and Other Teased Spoilers | Web series


Netflix has released the trailer for Money Heist: Part 5 Vol. 1 Monday and he featured some interesting teases from the upcoming season. The trailer opened with the gang inside the Bank of Spain mourning the death of Nairobi (Alba Flores) as Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri) finally grabs the professor (Álvaro Morte) in her hiding place.

The new Money Heist trailer also teased a few flashback scenes, a war between members of the heist and the military in Spain, and much more. So let’s see some of the main takeaways:

Is the teacher going to die?

“This may be the last time I speak to you,” the professor says in the Money Heist 5 trailer before all hell breaks loose and a war begins. The trailer confirms that he won’t easily escape Alicia. The pregnant officer shoots her before she ties him with chains and throws him from a high height. The scene prompted questions about the professor’s fate. A few fans on Reddit also believe that Alicia has a vendetta against the professor that goes beyond her profession.

“Logically, after his arrest, she would either have to hand him over to the police or just kill him (obviously that doesn’t show up in the trailer and they won’t give it to us in Part 1 if it ends up happening). I’ve mentioned it in the past, his passion for him wasn’t justified by professional ambition, there’s another reason for that, “one fan wrote on Reddit.

Tokyo’s past or future?

The trailer features a moment when Tokyo (Úrsula Corberó) is sitting in a cable car with a man and they share a laugh. A few fans have identified him as her former boyfriend. Given that she recounts the incidents of the heists, it looks like fans would briefly visit her past between the wars.

Could Berlin save the day?

Previous seasons have revealed that the Bank of Spain heist was planned by the professor and Berlin (Pedro Alonso). However, he chose to abandon the plan halfway. The trailer hints at the possibility that he hasn’t finished planning. We see Berlin, his wife Tatiana (Diana Gómez) and Marsella (Luka Peroš) in a boat. As Tatiana and Marsella seemed to bond over a drink, Berlin was distracted by a guest, likely making an alliance that would come to the rescue of the gang or the professor?

Gandía turns into a human bomb?

The final scene of the trailer made fans happy. A bald man was thrown outside the group with smoke coming out of him. Although his back was against the camera, fans realized the man was Gandía and speculated that the gang strapped bombs around his waist before letting him go. For those of you who have forgotten it, it was Gandía who shot Nairobi.

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The first five episodes of the final season of Money Heist, known as La Casa de Papel in Spanish, will be released on Netflix on September 3. The other five will be released three months later, on December 3.

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