Miami FL area doctor lost license and lied about children’s drugs


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A South Florida doctor lost his medical license 17 months after admitting his clinical trial for an asthma drug for children was a pile of lies.

In Dr. Yvelice Villaman-Bencosme’s guilty plea to conspiracy to commit wire fraud, she admitted to falsifying data from a clinical trial she conducted at Unlimited Medical Research from 2013 to 2016. Villaman-Bencosme , now 66, worked in Pembroke Pines and the Northwest. Miami-Dade, lived in Hialeah and has lived in Marianna Federal Prison since March. The Federal Bureau of Prisons database lists his release date from FCI Marianna as September 11, 2026.

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The State Board of Medicine’s final order revoking Villaman-Bencosme’s license, which Florida Department of Health online records show she had held since July 1993, was issued Aug. 15. This profile claims Miami Children’s Hospital staff privileges and board certification by the American Board of Pediatrics, although his name does not appear anywhere in a search for that organization’s certification.

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The administrative complaint filed against Villaman-Bencosme’s license says Unlimited was hired in October 2013 to conduct a study of a drug designed to treat pediatric asthma. She was Unlimited’s clinical medical investigator.

Villaman-Bencosme’s admission of guilt says she and others working with her obtained personal information from driver’s licenses and birth certificates in patient records at her private pediatric practice. With this information, they formed case histories that gave the impression that the children who were his patients had been used in the study.

They “injected false information into the case histories to make it appear that the subjects had, among other things, met the eligibility criteria to participate in the study”; his factual statement states: “provided informed consent to participate in the study; undergone a physical examination performed by [Villman-Bencosme]; received the study drug at the company site; returned study drug containers to company location; and received payment for visits to the company’s site” when none of this had happened.

Villman-Bencosme also had one of his cohorts call into an electronic diary system to report false personal experiences with drugs using PIN numbers that made the calls appear to be coming from children.

After pleading guilty in January 2021, Villman-Bencosme was sentenced to 63 months in prison and a restitution of $455,214.12. That restitution sentence is shared with Unlimited co-owner Lisett Raventos and Maytee Lledo, the receptionist at Villman-Bencosme’s private practice. Reventos got 30 months and Lledo 14 months for conspiracy to commit wire fraud.

Villman-Bencosme was originally scheduled to begin serving her sentence on December 3, 2021, but prosecutors asked that her date be pushed back to make her “more readily available for trial preparation and trial participation” for the study coordinator Unlimited Jessica Palacio. Palacio is charged with misrepresentation and conspiracy to commit wire fraud.

This trial is still ongoing.

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