Martian Manhunter Wore Doctor Fate’s Helmet Before Batman

DC recently announced Planet Lazarus The event is already being enthusiastically received by fans and is expected to be one of the most exciting stories of early 2023. A volcanic eruption spews Lazarus Resin across the planet and brings about massive changes for everyone on Earth, including heroes. Promotional art for the event shows that to adapt to the changes, Batman will don the Helmet of Fate in reaction to the likely mystical nature of Earth’s next threat.

This isn’t the first time a member of the Justice League has put the helmet on in dire straits. Back in the 80s, Martian Manhunter was forced to do the same by Justice League Annual #1 (by JM DeMatteis, Keith Giffen, Bill Willingham, Robert Campanella, Dick Giordano, Dennis Janke, Bruce D. Patterson, P. Craig Russell, and Gene D’Angelo) in a possibly equally catastrophic event.

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Why Martian Manhunter Put On The Helmet Of Fate

During the broadcast, an unknown contagion began to spread across the Earth at an alarming rate. The Justice League responded to the threat, but due to little knowledge of the disease, the majority of its members were quickly subdued by it. As a result, anyone infected suddenly became linked to an entity that would puppet them to do their bidding. The only characters that were unaffected by the spread of the infection were Martian Manhunter and Doctor Fate.

All thanks to J’onn’s Martian physiology and the fact that the helmet contained the spirit of an Order Lord. Unfortunately, although fate may be guided by an order lord, he still possessed a human body, susceptible to infection. To prevent more damage to the planet, its wearer removed the helmet to prevent Fate’s powers from being abused. So, to give himself an edge, Martian Manhunter put on the helmet.

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How Martian Manhunter Saved the World

Wearing the helmet was not only a power boost for him, he also intended to use his knowledge to better understand the infection. Learning that it was all tied to a single-celled organism controlling those infected, Martian Manhunter returned to the source of the outbreak. There he was confronted by his fellow Justice Leaguers. The resistance to the spore that controlled them, along with his powers meant he was easily able to defeat them, but then the spore manipulated several innocent people into an amalgam that he couldn’t fight without hurting anyone.

Martian Manhunter placed the helmet on the flesh construct, placing it under fate’s control for a brief period. However, to end the threat for good, he had to absorb the spore into his own body, despite the risks. Being the hero that he is, he did just that, containing the spore and freeing the people of Earth from its control. This glitch highlights just how desperate a situation must be to persuade any hero to put on the helmet, and Batman’s use of his powerful item is an indication of the level of threat that awaits the heroes of the universe. DC in Planet Lazarus.

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