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LSU Health Shreveport Chancellor Dr Ghali E. Ghali announced Thursday afternoon that he would resign, in effect immediately, as director of Shreveport School of Medicine, just a day after being reinstated in his position.

Ghali, who became chancellor in February 2016, wrote that he would return to work as a faculty member.

“We have accepted Dr Ghali’s request, and Dr David Lewis, who has served as Acting Chancellor, will be Acting Chancellor while we conduct a search for the next Chancellor,” LSU President Tom Galligan said in a statement. e-mail to LSU Health Shreveport. employees.

Ghali was put on administrative leave for approximately two months following claims by doctors and staff at LSU Health Shreveport that he retaliated against them for raising allegations of sexual misconduct against key administrators of the Faculty of Medicine.

An investigation into the allegations, which has not been made public, has cleared Ghali of improper conduct, Ghali said in a statement Wednesday evening. LSU confirmed his statement and reinstated Ghali as chancellor on Wednesday.

Dr Ghali E. Ghali was reinstated by LSU on Wednesday evening as chancellor of the university’s medical school at Shreveport.

Galligan suspended Ghali as chancellor on April 12, but allowed the oral and maxillofacial surgeon to continue seeing patients.

Four women, including two doctors, from LSU Health Sciences Center Shreveport filed federal complaints with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, claiming that Ghali had refused promotions and made working conditions difficult because ” they had tried to help at least 16 medical students report incidents of sexual misconduct, including touching, writing pornographic book reviews, asking students for wine, making derogatory comments about students’ appearances and take pictures of young women. The two longtime administrators appointed by the students retired prematurely and left the school. Five other women told similar stories but did not file a complaint with the EEOC.

The allegations came as LSU was attempting to respond to reports that former university leaders protected named coaches, athletes and administrators in sexual misconduct complaints raised by female students. Current leaders have emphasized “in the past” as they crafted new, expanded rules, disciplined staff still working at LSU, sacked the university’s long-standing law firm, and bolstered the office that would respond, respond and would investigate future incidents.

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Allison Jones, the Shreveport lawyer representing the four women, said: “Based on the evidence produced by my clients, it is highly doubtful that Dr. Ghali was completely cleared of all the allegations. His subsequent resignation as chancellor and chairman of his department only casts more doubt on the accuracy of Dr Ghali’s description of the investigation’s findings. The timing is certainly suspect.

Dr Ghali writes to President Galligan to step down as Chancellor of LSU Health Shreveport

When the LSU board of directors met to discuss Ghali’s allegations in April, four northern Louisiana lawmakers, including Rep. Larry Bagley, the Stonewall Republican who oversees much of LSU’s budget as as Chairman of the House Health and Welfare Committee, met with supervisors behind closed doors to express their support for Ghali.

In a letter to Galligan on Thursday, written on official stationery, Ghali reiterated his belief that he had been unfairly attacked.

“While the results of these investigations come as no surprise to me or my family, the attacks and unwarranted distractions we have had to endure over the past few months have taken a heavy toll on me and my loved ones and have brought to light several issues. “, he added. he wrote. “As a change agent, I had to make sure that the goals were set and that people were held accountable for achieving them. It didn’t always win everyone’s favor but was always done in the right way. best strategic interest of the university. “

Without having served as chancellor since April 12, when Galligan suspended him during the investigative process, Ghali wrote that he could spend more time with his family and with his patients.

“Every decision I have made as Chancellor over the past five plus years has been made in the best interests of my LSUHS family. This personal decision to quit is no different and in no way detracts from my love for LSUHS, its employees, staff, students and faculty, but rather puts my family’s needs first, ”Ghali wrote.

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