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Photo submitted Samuel Stinson, assistant professor of English at Minot State University, is always interested in education and productivity.

For Samuel Stinson, an assistant professor of English at Minot State University, the learning doesn’t stop during summer vacation.

Stinson directs both the Northern Plains Writing Project (NPWP) and “The Watcher,” podcast. He also regularly presents multiple conferences and participates in teaching groups that take courses during the summer.

The Northern Plains Writing Project, which has been running virtually since 2019, brings together graduates of the Minot State Education Program and awards them credit toward their degrees to take writing courses. Stinson co-teach alongside Dan Conn, chair of teacher education and kinesiology.

“My duties in setting up the program include organizing meetings for an annual summer cohort, meeting former members with current members for writing-related discussions, and visiting guest speakers,” says Stinson. “I also communicate regularly with National Writing Project leaders and collate requests for grants and support for the NPWP with the school and the state.”

“The Watcher” is the KMSU published and televised program that Stinson hosts, directs, edits and publishes. Stinson releases four episodes each fall and spring semester. It all started with Stinson coming to college in 2019.

“I had a series of discussions with Dr. Robert Kibler (chair of the Division of Humanities, Literature and Languages) about the possibility of developing an ongoing podcast for the division to highlight faculty accomplishments. The program has expanded somewhat, moving instead to a video format and including interviews not only with MSU faculty, but also with musicians, visiting scholars, and published authors and editors,” says Stinson.

Besides these college-related projects, Stinson produces his own body of research during the summers.

“During the summers, I make time to chat with colleagues from other schools, respond to CFPs (calls for chapters) for papers and chapters, send our own CFPs, and work on publications,” says Stinson. “For example, last summer I worked on my book, ‘Embodied Environmental Risk in Technical Communication’, and it was published by Routledge in March 2022.”

In addition, he presents his work at various conferences, some of which he directs.

“I co-lead the permanent group Writing about Writing (WAW) with the organization CCCC (Conference on College Composition and Communication)”, he said. “I also gave a virtual presentation on the WAW panel at the CCCC conference this summer and set up a panel for the CCCC 2023 conference with the team over the past few weeks. Additionally, I gave a virtual presentation at the Computers and Writing Conference this summer.

The summer for Stinson, one of many like-minded teachers at Minot State, is like that of other teachers: an ongoing desire for education and productivity that only grows in the fall.

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