Jack Whitehall: I Accidentally Sent Pictures of My Butt to a College Professor | Entertainment


Jack Whitehall accidentally sent a photo of his rash to a college professor.

The 33-year-old actor and comedian developed a “rather nasty rash” on his butt while on vacation in Cambodia, and after contacting his doctor in the UK, he was told to send in some pictures so that it can be diagnosed. .

But much to Jack’s horror, he made a disastrous mistake sending the email containing the photos of his butt.

He recalls, “I sent the email to my doctor and sat down to wait.

“An hour later, I was a wreck, imagining the worst-case scenario in my head. I have buttock cancer, right?

“Finally, I gave in. I called him and said, ‘Doc, get me out of my misery. What is wrong with me? ‘

“He says, ‘Jack, I’m still waiting for the picture.’ My whole world got blurry, my heartbeat must have stopped.

The “Jungle Cruise” star didn’t send the photos to her doctor, but emailed them to a college professor who worked at a school Jack applied to as a teenager.

He added: “To my horror, I saw that I had indeed sent the email but, in my haste to trigger it, I hadn’t noticed that my phone had automatically filled in the email address. -mail from a Dr Stein to a Dr Stephens. .

“Dr Stephens is actually a Doctor of Art History.

“He is a professor at a university to which I applied about ten years ago and which was refused to me.

“How weird must have had a morning?”

Jack never received a response from the professor and still has a draft email he allegedly sent apologizing for the incident.

Writing in his new book, ‘How to Survive the Family Vacation’ – an excerpt from The Sun newspaper – he said: “He never responded.

“To this day, I have an email somewhere in my drafts, in which I was going to pass the photo off as an abstract work of art that I was thinking of buying and that I wanted his opinion on.”

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