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Looking for a personal loan but especially an online loan. Maybe from refinancing. You want a quick fix in order to solve a money problem. Or simply to carry out a project that is close to your heart. On the Internet, there are a large number of players who offer loans without a credit check to individuals. Not all have the same challenges. Not even the same loan conditions.

You want to optimize your online loan search. This in order to obtain a competitive interest rate. But above all, quality customer service that follows you 24 hours a day in your daily life. Online customer service doesn't just mean low cost. You want to find a compromise between listening and price. Obtaining a personalized online loan solution is your goal, you still need to be well advised.

The objectives of the online loan

Our editorial team's mission is to help you whatever the stage of your project. By entering into contact with various lending organizations which can be either banks, or specialized credit institutions or finally all other third parties. Within these, we understand insurance companies. Indeed, they now offer credit formulas to their customers. But also crowdfunding sites. Credit between individuals. And finally the mass consumption players who are also seeking to take their market share.

The task is very complicated as there are so many differences between all these professionals offering the personal loan. We will of course be interested in the cost of credit. But also to optional insurance related to financing and tools that have been developed online. The ultimate goal is to make your life easier. This point is crucial when we have to choose a remote partner. Indeed, the means of contact will be precious. Whether through the establishment's customer area or directly by phone. To contact customer service, the solution by email or chat directly online is also possible. The life of a loan can sometimes be complicated! This is why it is important to know that an available interlocutor can help you find a solution!

Consumer credit and personal loan

The latest Credit Myloans study “SURVEY: THE FRENCH AND CONSUMER CREDIT” dates from 2013. It announces the figure of 53% representing the percentage of French people who have already had recourse to consumer credit. Slightly different from the personal loan, this financing is very widely marketed. And those nationwide. Since this represents more than one in two French people. We quickly understand the challenges of this very buoyant market. As a direct consequence of the consumer policy carried out by the government and the lobbies.

SOS online loan
Online loan

Among the players who are present, and there are very many, the specialized credit institutions which market personal loans online are in first place. These are the same companies that communicate through advertising both on television and on the Internet. To name only the best known, there are Paydaynow , Paydaychampion, Bridgepayday and Oakparkfinancial held respectively by the major French banks, namely Crédit Myloans, Purplepayday, Société Générale and Crédit Mutual - CIC. It should be noted that most of these lending organizations no longer have a physical network, all marketing therefore being done remotely by Internet, telephone or via intermediaries.

Vision of the credit market in United States

On the personal loan market then follow the French banks but also international. Online banks have yet to focus their marketing too much on finance, it is heavily focused on banking services and savings solutions. This left room for players who were less accustomed but nevertheless also motivated in this market. On the one hand, it concerns individual loan organizations such as the Union Loan site, but also and above all insurers such as Mydebtadvisors which offers a more complete package of financing and insurance for your car, for example. Finally, the brands of large-scale distribution follow, which have also created the financial service in order to build on the advance in operating working capital that it has. We can refer here to Motorlender Bank which offers personal loans which vary according to your project but also the consumer credit solution linked to its Pass card.

We can therefore conclude that the credit market in United States is flourishing and that the many players are giving themselves to heart to compete with the historically established personal loan establishments. From there, it's up to you to take the best of what comes your way, lucky the internet makes it easy for you to compare. Good luck with your project and do not hesitate to leave your opinions and comments directly on the page of the organization concerned.

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