Im Soo Hyang Impress With His Transformation From “Doctor Lawyer” To Fierce And Determined Prosecutor

MBC’s upcoming drama “Doctor Lawyer” has shared another glimpse of Im Soo Hyang in his lead role!

“Doctor Lawyer” is a new drama about a genius surgeon who becomes a medical malpractice lawyer after losing everything due to a rigged operation and a prosecutor who loses his only family and lover due to the same operation. Together they set out to punish those who believe that the importance of a person’s life can be ranked according to their wealth and power.

Im Soo Hyang’s character, Geum Seok Young, is a prosecutor who believes that criminals are not rehabilitated through leniency but through punishment, while she is more eager to declare the truly innocent defendants innocent than even their own. lawyers. In particular, she undergoes a very big emotional change that changes her life forever. Therefore, Im Soo Hyang must act with an unusually wide range of emotions.

The newly released stills offer a glimpse into Geum Seok Young’s turbulent life. Her eyes are filled with overwhelming emotions that include rage and sadness. Im Soo Hyang is already deeply impressing viewers with her solid acting, and even director Lee Yong Seok praised her acting transformation, calling her the “queen of tears.”

Im Soo Hyang is considered one of the most versatile actresses and she has shown skill in various genres such as romance, action, and thriller. She is currently starring in the SBS drama “Woori the Virgin” as an assistant writer in charge of a popular soap opera. However, fans can anticipate a new side to her as she transforms 180 degrees into the fiery Geum Seok Young.

The production staff commented, “Im Soo Hyang did his best in every scene, put a lot of thought into it, and put in effort after effort to play the character of Geum Seok Young, who had no choice but to to be at the center of the storm. Also, although she consumed a lot of emotional energy, she always smiled on set for the cast and crew. Please look forward to “Doctor Lawyer” where his passion and acting transformation will shine.

Doctor Lawyer” will premiere on June 3 at 9:50 p.m. KST. Check out a teaser for the drama here!

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