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While browsing the internet, you may have come across several websites that ask for your email address. These websites then start sending promotional or spam emails to your email account. These emails can easily fill your entire mailbox, preventing important emails from being at the top of the list. It is a perfect tool for email marketing agencies to clean up their mailing lists and remove spam entries.

Nobody likes to delete spam one by one because it can take a long time. However, you can prevent your mailbox from receiving spam emails and promotional websites on the Internet. Several email verification platforms are available and offer services for the same.

Introduction: Email Checker

Email checker is one of those services that checks every email address you receive an email from. It verifies email addresses in real time using its asynchronous API which quickly returns accurate results.

Email verification services are important because they validate email addresses and verify their authority and errors. Almost all brands associated with e-commerce use specific email verification services to process their data.

Email Checker Features

Above, EmailChecker is an email checking service that checks if an email address is valid, authoritative, and legitimate.

In addition to this, the tool also offers additional features to its users. We have mentioned several features with a brief description for each.

Spam prevention

Websites that direct a user to websites or web pages that contain spam often send promotional emails to your email account. These websites try to save your details in their database without your permission. Therefore, there is an urgent need for the prevention of spam on the Internet.

Email Checker’s Spam Prevention will save your information online by blocking and reporting such spam to your account. If you are an individual and enjoy surfing the web every now and then, this feature will be a lifesaver.

Mass verification

If you have a long list of email addresses in your database, then Email Checker is here to help. With the mass batch checker feature, users can upload their list to the tool and start the bulk checker. All emails go through certain validation checks to be flagged as spam or legitimate.

Integrated verification

If you own an e-commerce store on the internet, you must come across hundreds of fake email addresses on a daily basis. Email Checker offers fast and easy API integration to its users. You can integrate their real-time API into your source code. The API will then verify the authority and validation of each email address you receive.

Real-time verification

The Real-Time Email Checker API immediately starts the email validation process. All emails you receive in your mailbox are tested for authenticity using multiple validation checks.

You can easily integrate the API into your program as the API endpoints will be provided to you. Then the choice of what to do with the response is up to you. The API supports many programming languages ​​including Python, PHP, Java, and C.

Customer service

If you have any doubts or questions regarding the tool, Email Checker’s customer support is always here to help. Simply contact them, let them know about your problem, and you’ll be up to them in no time.

Affordable price

Pricing is one of the main aspects of any service. Well, with Email Checker’s customizable plans, you don’t have to worry about the cost. The lowest plan costs around $ 10 per month. Users with this plan can verify and validate 1000 emails.

If you have no idea what your usage stats are, you’ll be happy to know that Email Checker also offers a Pay as You Go pricing plan. You will be billed for the number of emails you have checked during the given month. It is one of the most used plans to date.


For developers and API customers, Email Checker has extensive documentation that can be understood by anyone with little experience in the IT industry.

If you are a programmer, you won’t have any problem with their API as every feature and function has been explained in their documentation.

Email verifier validation checks

As mentioned above, Email Checker verifies emails by going through several validation checks. For those who have wondered about these checks, we have mentioned the three tests through which each email address has passed.

Syntax check

First, an email address is checked for the correct syntax. This check checks for and corrects syntax errors in the email address, if applicable. These errors include spelling or grammar errors in the email, misplaced domain extensions, and more.

Domain verification

After correcting the email syntax, the tool checks the status of the domain extension in the email address. For an email to go through domain verification, the website must be live at the time of verification.

Ping by e-mail

Finally, Email Checker will ping the email address with a test email which usually consists of an “Extended Hello” or “EHLO”. As soon as the server returns a response, the email passes the email ping test.

Benefits of Email Checker

Besides the many features offered by Email Checker, users will also enjoy the various benefits listed below.

  • Codes for API response – Email Checker API returns various response codes for bad and unknown emails.
  • Yahoo Verification – Users have a real-time API with Yahoo Mail.
  • Integrations – To automate tasks and response retrievals, it’s easy to integrate the API into any application.
  • Dashboard – Users have access to a simple and elegant dashboard that provides an amazing user experience.
  • Customer Support – The Email Checker team is always available for your questions and issues.
  • Documentation – The developer team provides well-described API documentation.
  • Bulk API – Users have access to a bulk email verification API which can save you time and resources.

Disadvantages of Email Checker

Since every coin has two sides, Email Checker has some drawbacks associated with it. We have mentioned some disadvantages of using the email checking service.

  • The profanity detection function does not work every time.
  • Email Checker Spam Trap may not always work on all email addresses.
  • The accuracy of the mail validator is not 100%.


So that was our take on Email Checker. It is without a doubt one of the best email checking services on the internet. With personalized plans and affordable prices, even an individual can get a plan that meets their needs.

Email Checker offers several features to its users, including real-time detection, mass verification, spam prevention, easy onboarding, and outstanding customer support. Although there are some drawbacks to the service, overall it is a top notch tool for all of your email checking needs.

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