German Chancellor Angela Merkel dozes off in virtual meeting


In a video that has gone viral, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is almost dozing off during a virtual citizen dialogue. In the one-minute clip, Merkel is seen struggling to keep her eyes open during the meeting. The video was posted to Twitter early in the morning of July 15, Thursday. It currently has over 95,000 views and comments do come in from time to time.

Angela Merkel dozes off in meeting, Twitter reacts

On Wednesday July 14, German Chancellor Angela Merkel attended a virtual citizens’ meeting to discuss the issues unfolding around the world amid the global pandemic. However, she seemed tired and almost fell asleep during the meeting. But she immediately became attentive when it was her turn to speak. A Reuters tweet read: “German Chancellor Angela Merkel seems to fall asleep during a virtual citizen dialogue.”

Twitter users elicited various reactions upon seeing the video.

One of them said she was overworked and needed a nap.

Another user named Christian Gross replied, “Personally, after so many years and so many crises, give it its moment. I laugh, but I really understand her.

A user called Asma said Merkel looks tired.

Bloomington Jenni Dinger, Clinical Assistant Professor at the Kelly School of Business, said, “It just makes her more accessible.”

What did the citizen dialogue consist of?

Sharing a snippet of the meeting on her Instagram account, Merkel said the topic of the meeting was the unity of generations. Its caption read: “Citizen dialogue on cooperation between generations. The pandemic is a difficult time, especially for young and old, so Chancellor Merkel was particularly interested in today’s conversation with citizens under 25 and over 65. The theme of the digital citizen dialogue was the living together of generations.

On Tuesday, July 13, Merkel said that Germany did not plan to follow France and other countries in terms of introducing mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations for parts of the population. “We are at the beginning of a phase in which we always promote (vaccination) where we have more vaccines than people who want to be vaccinated,” she said after visiting the public health institute of the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin.

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