Doctors explain how parents can detect digital eye strain in children


Millions of children use computers, which doctors say could lead to digital eye strain.

Doctors say that if you or your child have symptoms such as blurred vision, headaches or tenderness, you should make an appointment with an eye doctor.

“I see a lot of people with these types of symptoms at all ages, whether it’s children or adults, but definitely an increase in children for sure,” said Tom Greene, optometrist at Central Missouri Eyecare Associates. in Jefferson City. .

A study by the National Library of Medicine reveals that one in four children in the United States suffers from vision problems, but most may never see an eye doctor.

“Listen to the teachers, listen to the school nurses. If they say they suspect something is wrong with your child’s eyes, I highly recommend getting a comprehensive eye exam,” Greene said. .

Ana Costa of the Mason Eye Clinic in Columbia says she hasn’t dealt with a lot of eye strain issues recently, but Costa says she’s worried that might change.

“Kids can become more myopic because they’re learning in front of a screen and their hobbies are in front of screens, they’re always in front of a screen,” Costa said.

Costa also says she recommends taking small breaks to prevent eye strain.

“Every 20 minutes that you’re looking at a screen, just take 20 seconds, which is about 20 feet and take those breaks,” Costa said.

Burning, itchy, watery and dry eyes are common signs of eye strain.

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