Doctor Who’s Lone Cyberman Return Makes No Sense

The last episode of Jodie Whittaker Doctor Who sees the return of Ashad (Patrick O’Kane), the Lone Cyberman, which should be impossible. Ashad is a partially converted Cyberman, who was rejected when upgraded. When he was last seen in Doctor Who season 12, episode 10, “The Timeless Children”, he had been shrunk by the Master’s Tissue Compression Eliminator (TCE), while in possession of the death particle. The miniaturized Ashad and the Cybermen’s Death Particle were eventually used to destroy the Gallifreyan Citadel, seemingly killing the Master and his Cybermasters.


The trailer for Doctor Who special feature, “The Power of the Doctor”, reveals that Ashad, the Cybermasters, and the Master all somehow survived. Cheating death is not new to the Master, as their efforts to prolong their lives have defined their character since the classic Doctor Who serial The deadly assassin. However, it would be much harder for Ashad to survive the explosion next to the Death Particle. Here’s how he could get back to Doctor Who.

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How did Doctor Who’s Lone Cyberman return?

Fundamentally, Doctor Who is a time travel show, which means that just because audiences have seen a character’s death doesn’t mean the show can’t see the character again at an earlier point in its timeline. For example, River Song’s Doctor Who The story began with his death, so there’s nothing stopping the Doctor from running into Ashad during the Cyber-Wars. When the wars ended, Ashad set out to rebuild the Cyber ​​Empire. With Vinder (Jacob Anderson) back, the space pilot could find himself in the middle of building Ashad’s empire.

However, it looks like Ashad audiences will find themselves in “The Power of the Doctor” after the Death Particle is detonated. It’s not as impossible as it sounds, as Ashad is the death particle’s conduit, rather than its target. Ashad could survive because the death particle destroys organic life, and he is only partially organic. The fact that it was shrunk could confuse the Death Particle further, hiding any organic indicators of the weapon. How Ashad regained full size is less clear, but it might provide a solution to Doctor Who‘s tease of Yaz’s death by TCE.

Did Doctor Who’s Lone Cyberman Bring Back Season 12’s Death Particle?

The Lone Cyberman is unlikely to bring the Death Particle with him when he returns for “The Power of the Doctor.” After wiping out all remaining organic life on Gallifrey, the weapon served its purpose. It’s also apparent from the trailer that the Master has built his own far deadlier weapon – a Death Star-style planet that’s seen at war with Earth. It could be that this planet is actually what remains of Gallifrey, weaponized and piloted through the stars by the Master. That would explain the missing seismologists, and maybe even the missing paintings given that doctor’s day established that Gallifreyan art is hosted on Earth. If this is the Master’s super weapon, he likely borrowed the idea from the Daleks’ original plans for Earth.

Actor Patrick O’Kane, who plays Ashad, said he had scenes with Sacha Dhawan, describing the Master as the Lone Cyberman’s nemesis. There may be just enough power left in the Death Particle to exact revenge on the evil Timelord. in a crowd Doctor Who finale for Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor, it could be that the Death Particle still has a small part to play in the story.

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