Doctor Who Jodie Whittaker Advice for Ncuti Gatwa

Coming out of Doctor Who Jodie Whittaker gave some important advice to the next incarnation. Ncuti Gatwa will soon take on the role of the Fourteenth Doctor after Whittaker hands over the reins to the Thirteenth Doctor. As you might expect, taking on such a huge role is quite a moment! Whittaker would know, because she was also the first woman to play the time-traveling Time Lord full-time. She’s been playing the Doctor since 2017 when Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor regenerated into her during Twice Upon a TimeLikewise, Gatwa will be the first black actor to take on the role full-time. This is after Jo Martin played the Fugitive Doctor for a few episodes. It’s amazing how, even after almost 60 years, the show is still breaking its own story!

In the next episode of Doctor Who Jodie Whittaker will bow out. The BBC airs the episode, titled The Power of the Doctor, on 23 October as part of the BBC’s centenary specials. And what an episode it will be! The episode so far will feature some of the Doctor’s greatest enemies. These include the Daleks, Cybermen, and the Master. In order to fight these foes, some of the Doctor’s best companions join her. Namely, Ace and Tegan! Following this episode, the series will celebrate its own anniversary in 2023. The unknown special will mark 60 years of the sci-fi series and will feature David Tennant and Catherine Tate reprising their roles as Doctor and Donna Noble.

Doctor Who Jodie Whittaker Regeneration

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Obviously, there’s a lot for the show and Whittaker to do and some advice for the next Doctor. According to Whittaker, she met Gatwa at a Doctor Who event, and she shared important things with him. In his own words:

“I certainly don’t give any advice to this phenomenal actor! He doesn’t need it from me: it’s yours to own and you’ve earned it.

For such a long show, it’s amazing that each incarnation brought their own version of the lovable Time Lord. But they managed to do it, all in a distinctive way! In Doctor Who Jodie Whittaker played a more bouncy and positive version of the Doctor than his predecessors. For example, Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor had quite a dark edge, while Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor had an immature front hiding a sore interior. Neither David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor nor Christopher Eccleston’s Ninth Doctor tried to hide the darkness they felt from the Time War.

So, we’re interested to see Gatwa’s take on this character – he’s sure to be a good one! Shortly after the Doctor Who Jodie Whittaker regeneration, we’ll meet one of “the Doctor’s greatest enemies,” played by Neil Patrick Harris. Unfortunately, it’s unclear which foe Harris will be playing. However, he revealed that Gatwa’s take on the Doctor is “super cool” and “sexier” than before. How exciting!

How old is Ncuti Gatwa?

Doctor Who Jodie Whittaker Picture: Digital Spy

The idea of ​​the Doctor appearing “sexier” and younger makes sense. After all, Gatwa will be the second-youngest actor to play the Time Lord. Currently, the youngest actor is Matt Smith, who was 26 when he took on the role. Gatwa will be 29 when he becomes the Doctor, the same age as the Fifth Doctor, Peter Davison. In comparison, for Doctor Who Jodie Whittaker was 35 when she took the role.

Unfortunately, we don’t know much more about Gatwa’s role. We know he’ll be playing the Fourteenth Doctor, and Russell T Davies will return as showrunner. But that’s all for now! You can catch the Doctor Who Jodie Whittaker regeneration episode on October 23.

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