Doctor Strange Fans Want A Video Game From Control Dev Remedy Entertainment

Following the massive release of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, fans of the character want to see the character in a video game developed by Remedy Entertainment. Earlier this week, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was released to strong reviews and no shortage of hype. The film is the character’s second solo outing after appearing in two Avengers films and Spider-Man: No Coming Home. The film has been highly anticipated as it’s the first real deep dive into Marvel’s multiverse, leading to a number of wild cameos and trippy moments for audiences to chew on.

That said, the film’s hype and reception has led fans to wish for a Doctor Strange game from Control and Max Payne developer Remedy Entertainment. Graphic designer Rock Rider imagined what a Remedy Doctor Strange game might look like on PlayStation 5. Many said Remedy should support the game for its ability to take on trippy concepts, like Control, and execute them effortlessly. Get out the guns and mix it up with some more magic and you have a matchmade in Heaven. Rumors of a Doctor Strange game being developed by Remedy have been swirling around for a while, but they don’t seem to hold any weight. Remedy is currently working on Alan Wake 2 and remakes of the first two Max Payne games. They are also believed to be working on a sequel to Control in addition to other projects, so they are already very busy. Nevertheless, it could happen one day.

Doctor Strange just appeared as a Battle Pass character in fortnite and should also appear in Marvel’s Midnight Suns Later this year. Although he makes no official appearance, Doctor Strange does exist in Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man universe. The character’s Sanctum Santorum is in New York City, although the player cannot interact with it or find actual wizards.

Do you want a Doctor Strange game? Let me know in the comments below or contact me on Twitter @Cade_Onder. You can keep scrolling to see what some fans think of the idea.

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