Doctor Strange 2 Featurette Explores Its Creepy, Mind-Bending Side

It’s hard to believe Marvel fans are exactly two weeks away from Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. An epic sequel that seeks to recapture what was established in Spider-Man: No Coming Home and open it fully into the Unknown Regions of the Multiverse. However, arguably even more exciting than that, Doctor Strange 2 will see the return of the legendary genre director Sam Raimi to the Marvel Universe. Now, Marvel Studios has released a new featurette highlighting the director’s eye for insane visual storytelling.

The featurette opens with the producer Kevin Feige talk about Raimi directing this film being “a dream come true”. However, this dream could be a satisfying nightmare for horror fans as a star. Elizabeth Olsen then talks about how Raimi is known for “that terrifying cinematic experience” and tells the audience to prepare for “that jump scare moment.” We had this nostalgic pleasure with No coming homebut Feige confirms that this movie will explore the “scary, mind-bending side of the multiverse.”


There have been a lot of questions about whether this movie would go down the rabbit hole of the horror genre and while there have been little hints here and there, this is the first real confirmation that it has more in common with Raimi evil Dead than your average MCU movie. This should excite any fan of the genre, especially longtime Raimi fans. While the director is best known for his groundbreaking work Spider Man trilogy, Raimi is a horror child at heart. diabolical death, army of darkness, dark manand drag me to hell are the movies Marvel fans should watch to study this ambitious sequel. With Scarlet Witch still grieving after the loss of Vision and her children, as well as Doctor Strange dealing with several different versions of himself, including the Zombie Strange introduced in What if…?it looks like the perfect film for Marvel’s first adventure in horror.

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This featurette promises that this is a Raimi movie through and through. The visuals are filled with rich color, classic Raimi camera tricks, and there are some truly haunting images seen throughout this sequence that will stick with you until the film’s release. Even in his Spider Man trilogy, Raimi sprinkled with some terrifying elements. Most famously, the scene of Operation Doc Ock in Spiderman 2, so one can only imagine what the director has up his sleeve for a superhero movie steeped in gruesome consequences and chilling intentions. Seeing Benedict Cumberbatch, Olsen, Feige, and Raimi himself talking about the significance of this iconic genre director’s return is nothing short of surreal. Marvel Studios has always made fans’ dreams come true, and for the first time in the MCU’s 24-year history, Marvel will conjure up nightmares to keep fans awake for months to come.

Once again, we’re only two weeks away from Doctor Strange’s horror-filled multiverse adventure, and you can watch the visually haunting featurette below. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness released in theaters on May 6, 2022.


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