Doctor Strange: 10 Best Quotes From The MCU (So Far)

Warning: This listing contains spoilers for Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Spider-Man: No Path Home Importantly introduces Doctor Strange, with the Wizard Supreme first aiding and then fighting Peter Parker as he tries to get his life back on track after his identity is revealed to the public. The new movie features several great new quotes from Doctor Strange, which add to his many iconic lines from across the MCU.

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Doctor Strange has been at the center of many iconic moments in the franchise to date, such as the Snap and its aftermath. His commentary on major MCU moments gave him great lines that also reveal key aspects of his character. Spider-Man: No Path Home is no different, with some important new quotes.


When Doctor Strange stays real

“In the grand calculation of the multiverse, their sacrifice means more than their death.”

Doctor Strange in Spider Man No Way Home

No way home Quickly becomes a conflict between Spider-Man and Doctor Strange once Peter Parker realizes that the villains’ return to their respective universes means their death. Doctor Strange reveals his cold pragmatism when he says, “In the grand calculation of the multiverse, their sacrifice means more than their death.

At this point, Doctor Strange seems to believe that the Infinite Multiverse is still somehow strict in its construction and cannot be changed or adjusted. His cold logic regarding the issue evolves by the end of the film, though he still believes everything comes at a cost.

When Doctor Strange is human

“Call me Stéphane.”

Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange in Spider-Man No Way Home

Comic book fans know Doctor Strange can be a thorny figure. He reveals his softer side at the end of the new movie when he says to Peter Parker: “Call me Stephen”. It comes after a series of awkward exchanges in which Peter fumbles to call Strange “Mister” or “Stephen.” At one point, Strange angrily tells Peter to call him Doctor.

This softens considerably, and Strange reveals his true affection for Peter when he’s about to cast a spell to make everyone forget about his existence. He tells Peter to call him by his first name, showing that he considers Peter a true friend.

When Doctor Strange Exposes His Own Flaws

“The multiverse is a concept we know awfully little about.”

Spider-Man No Way Home Doctor Strange Fate

Doctor Strange conveys a lot of certainties about the multiverse and the need for villains to play out their destiny, but he also says something that exposes his own ignorance about what he’s messing around with. “The multiverse is a concept we know terribly little about,” he says, despite using spells that potentially complicate it.

Doctor Strange’s arrogance is well known and usually not well hidden, but in this case his admission reveals how uncertain even he is about what is going on. He tries to make up for it, but without the Time Stone, Strange is an arena he barely understands.

When Doctor Strange is a fool

“Scooby-Doo that shit.”

Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange in Spider-Man No Way Home

One of the best Doctor Strange quotes from the new movie premiered in the trailer for Spider-Man: No Path Home. He tells Peter Parker, MJ and Ned of “Scooby-Doo that shit” (although in the movie “shit” is a less kind word). The quote is great because it reveals a less than heroic side to Strange’s character. While primarily responsible for the spell and its aftermath, he expects Peter and his friends to clean up the mess.

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At least MJ doesn’t go, politely responding that she knows magic words too. One of them is “please,” which leads Doctor Strange to at least try a more polite way of asking the kids to do his work for him.

When Doctor Strange is protective

“If I tell you what’s going on, it won’t.”

Doctor Strange Avengers Endgame one

Doctor Strange isn’t always brooding. One of his best quotes in the MCU reveals that he’s actually quite flexible and human. “If I tell you what’s going on, it won’t happen,” Strange said during the final battle of Avengers: Endgame after Iron Man asks Strange if the battle is the only positive outcome Strange saw when he used the Time Stone on Titan.

This quote is of course to protect the necessary outcome, but it is also to protect Stark from knowing what Strange probably knows will happen for sure. He’s so certain that he finally reveals the truth, signaling to Stark at a critical moment that this is the only time.

When Doctor Strange is determined

“There was no other way.”

One of the things Avengers: Infinity War got it wrong, at least initially, did Doctor Strange willingly hand the Time Stone to Thanos. “There was no other way,” Strange told Iron Man, just before he joined countless others to be dusted off. The quote reveals Strange’s complex feelings of doubt and certainty, as well as an arguably selfish belief that his idea is the only valid idea.

Allowing Thanos to complete his horrific mission ended up being the only way to undo it, although the Avengers’ journey could have gone wrong at any point and Doctor Strange himself ultimately stepped in directly at the last moment.

When Doctor Strange is insightful

“We’re in the endgame now.”

One of the biggest questions for fans after Infinity war was what would be the title of the next movie? Doctor Strange is actually telegraphing, saying “We’re in the endgame now.” Thanks to the Time Stone, which makes him one of the most powerful wizards in the Marvel Universe, Strange gets a unique glimpse into the future, or a number of likely futures.

This idea probably also plays a part in his thinking in Spider-Man: No way home. Although he now operates without the Time Stone, Doctor Strange understood the inevitability of certain events and the need for them to occur.

When Doctor Strange is funny

“Wong. Just Wong? Like Adele? Or Aristotle. Drake. Bono … Eminem.”

Benedict Wong in Shang-Chi

It might be a stretch to label Doctor Strange and Wong as one of the best bromances in the MCU, but the two share a strong bond that’s chock-full of playful ribs. It starts right away when they first meet and shows the playful and humorous side of Doctor Strange.

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When he first meets Wong, he gives him a hard time saying “Wong. Just Wong? Like Adele? Or Aristotle. Drake. Bono … Eminem.” This shows that the often serious and stuffy Doctor Strange does in fact have a sense of humor.

When Doctor Strange has nothing to lose

” A sacrifice ? This would imply that I have nothing to lose.

Doctor Strange looking at his cloak in What if ...?

Given the franchise’s multiversal direction, the evil Doctor Strange of What if..? is a character likely to appear in the live-action MCU. It could be bad, because this Doctor Strange has nothing more to hang on to. In his battle against the Infinity Stone powered Ultron, he revealed his utter lack of restraint by saying “Sacrifice? That would imply that I have nothing to lose.”

This Doctor Strange cannot be intimidated or compromised, as he has already destroyed his entire universe by absorbing dark magic. Although he works with The Watcher to defeat Ultron, he has found himself with extraordinary power in the Infinity Stones.

When Doctor Strange is misunderstood

“It’s strange.'”

Much to his frustration, Doctor Strange is often misunderstood when he explains his name to others. One of the best quotes to illustrate this is his first real exchange with the villainous Kaecilius in the 2016 Doctor strange movie. The quote and the entire exchange are great for showing off the brilliant Stephen Strange’s basic communication issues.

The funny exchange begins with Kaecilius asking “How long have you been in Kamar-Taj, sir …?” Strange corrects it with “Doctor”, leading to a “Who’s first?” routine. “Mr. doctor? Kaecilius said. The answer is “This is ‘strange'” and Kaecilius ends the track with “Maybe. Who am I to judge? “

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