Cedars-Sinai doctor urges COVID vaccinations as spike in cases creates wave of regret: “It’s like PTSD for us”

LOS ANGELES (KABC) – As the Delta variant takes hold in Los Angeles County and serious illnesses increase, many healthcare workers say they feel like they are reliving the start of another nightmare.

Inside hospitals, the corridors are filled with collective angst.

“We are so frustrated. We are so upset and so frustrated because I think it shouldn’t be this way,” said Dr. Oren Friedman, intensive care physician at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

He said nearly 100% of hospital admissions go unvaccinated. Many have expressed remorse. The story of a man haunts Friedman.

“I could see incredible regrets. He was nervous. He’s anxious. I can tell you that he is not expected to survive, and I think: all I can say to the public is is that you don’t want to be in that situation, ”he added. said the doctor. “Trust us – you don’t want to be in the hospital saying, I wish I got a vaccine. Do it.”

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The wounds of last winter’s influx of patients are still alive.

“It almost broke us. People wanted to quit their jobs. People were exhausted. People were away from their families, people were seeing death and destruction every day,” Friedman said. “It was misery. I mean, it cracked her to the core. And here we see the cases increasing again – it’s like PTSD to us.”

He said the brief amount of time we were able to enter places without masks makes it look like he has been stolen from us. Friedman says not getting the shot is like playing Russian roulette – and if you survive the infection, the result can be as reckless as driving while intoxicated.

“If you are living with the virus, the virus is using you to reach someone else. It’s like a zombie, isn’t it? It will pass through you, then it will infect someone else. “Friedman said. “So making the decision with only yourself and your chances of overcoming it in mind is incredibly selfish.”

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