Blackwood-Clementon: Rita’s Building Gone, Entenmann’s Under Demo, Doctor’s Office Gone

Big changes underway on Blackwood-Clementon Road!

To make way for a new Wawa, the small Rita’s Water Ice building was demoed this week, and the large building at the old Entenmann is being demolished right now.

And just one property away, the doctor’s office (former Nifty Fifties) has left to make way for a ModWash Carwash!

Between the two properties is a closed Pizza Hut which has no plans attached yet… but very quickly the pavement scenery changes even more.

There’s also yet to come a new Giant Fitness across Blackwood-Clementon Road, and ShopRite will be moving into the long-closed K-Mart!

Keep scrolling down! A mix of photos of ongoing demo activities (at ground level) and some aerial drone shots from about a week ago!

NOTE: The Entenmann’s Bakery Outlet store was previously moved to the Cherrywood Center (where the former K-Mart is located)

All that remains of the Rita’s Water Ice building on Blackwood-Clementon Road Gloucester Township. Scroll down for the before photo.

42Freeway follows the Blackwood-Clementon projects extensively… we knew the Entenmanns’ ownership was going to fall soon and I was just there a few days before the demo started to get some drone footage. Timing is everything! I’m sharing some of it here, including photos of the Mod Car Wash’s arrival.

SoJo 104.9 was the first to hear about Rita’s building collapsing…but we both saw the same Facebook post warning us. 🙂 I knew the Entenmann one was going down too, so I waited a day to take a picture of it.

New Super Wawa coming to Blackwood-Clementon Road. Rita’s building was on the right, Entenmann’s on the left.

Super Wawa – Chez Entenmann and Rita

A new Wawa was already approved for the Blackwood-Clementon road last summer.

42Freeway unveiled the story behind this proposal on June 15, 2021…and referenced it in other posts regarding new developments on the road.

The new Wawa will occupy the large lot that is/was occupied by Entenmann’s former warehouse and distribution store, and a smaller building that houses a Rita’s Water Ice franchise.

Sewer piping has been on the site where the new Wawa is being developed on Blackwood-Clementon Road

Rita’s Water Ice said they will be returning to the area, but they are still in the process of finding a new location. It seems unlikely that we will see them open this year.

As I mentioned in the intro, I knew the demo would be coming soon and stopped over a week ago.

The old Entenmann’s Building is being demolished to make way for a new Wawa.

I also saw large sections of concrete pipes around the corner of the property at the time, which gave me further evidence that the demonstration was coming soon.

I just timed my last week of visiting a few days too early!

Entenmann and Rita buildings from about a week ago, Blackwood-Clementon Road
Wawa’s new site plan for Blackwood-Clementon Road.

ModWash car wash

ModWash Car Wash is developing another location in South Jersey, with the Blackwood-Clementon Road location taking over where years ago the Nifty Fifties had a location. More recently, it was a doctor‘s office.

42Freeway featured this story in September 2021.

ModWash has also started construction on another location in Gloucester Township, in the eastern part of the city, on the corner of Berlin Cross-Keys Rd and New Brooklyn-Erial Road.

ModWash Car Wash is coming to Blackwood-Clementon Road, the site of the former medical practice, which was previously Nifty Fifties.

There is also another new location completing the development in Washington Township on the Black Horse Pike.

Another location has been approved for Magnolia on the White Horse Pike.

And one is already open on Berlin Cross-Keys Road in Williamstown.

We also know a location is in the works for Deptford NJ!

The company has an ambitious plan to go from zero to 100 sites across the country in just a few years! It looks like South Jersey is a big part of those plans!

Aerial view of the new ModWash site (top), the closed Pizza Hut and the old Entenmann building which is currently being demolished.

Links and locations

Chemin Wawa – Blackwood-Clementon (under development)
Blackwood-Clementon Road and Cherrywood Drive
Blackwood in New Jersey

ModWash Carwash (under development)
1310 Blackwood-Clementon Road
Blackwood NJ

Aerial view of the Rita’s Water Ice Blackwood Building a week before demolition
Aerial view of the former Entenmann’s Building in Blackwood a week before demolition. Note: The retail store segment has moved to the road.

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