Alum’s Scholarship Fund Supports Medical Students

30 minutes.

This is the window of time nurse anesthetist Johny Williamceau must travel to Gulf Coast Medical Center to save a life. “When the call comes, every minute counts,” says Williamceau.

Johny Williamceau. Photo: James Greco/FGCU.

The 2020 graduate of Florida Gulf Coast University’s Master of Science in Nursing Anesthesiology program assists with surgeries, accidents, and ailments, administering anesthesia that helps patients withstand surgery.

Becoming a Certified Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) was not easy for Williamceau, but it is an accomplishment he remembers with great pride. Originally from Haiti and having moved to the east of Naples at the age of 12, he has been closely linked to the university since high school.

“The mentors I’ve had the good fortune to meet along the way, those who have seen the light in me, are the reason I’m here today,” he says.

This support system of professors, counselors, peers and colleagues has helped Williamceau succeed in one of the most demanding programs in nursing – and to do so with a sense of gratitude.

magazine cover graphicThis is why he has developed a scholarship for two students who are preparing for the Doctor of Nursing Practice in Nursing Anesthesiology at FGCU. “Nothing is easy in this life, and if there is anything I can do to lighten someone’s burden on the same grueling journey I’ve been on, I’m honored to do it” , he said.

Rochelle Jackson, Director of Development at FGCU, says, “Johny is the generous type, always ready to commit to others. He is truly one of those FGCU students who made the decision to stay here and infuse the community with care and compassion.

These treatments come full circle at the FGCU, where, says Williamceau, “my life was shaped”. He knows the importance of education and the challenges that students can face that can make all the difference in whether they graduate and excel or fall completely short of their dream.

Two JW Foundation scholarships were awarded in the fall of 2021, and this generosity has already impacted two grateful students. Williamceau exudes pride in knowing that his contribution has made a difference.

“It’s who I am,” he says. “Helping those who will be my colleagues in the future. I don’t have to be a millionaire, but once you care, you care.

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