A Lynchburg University professor explains how the conflict in Eastern Europe could affect the United States

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Tensions are rising in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

10 News sat down with Dr. Marek Payerhin, professor of international affairs at Lynchburg University, to explain what you need to know about the situation in Eastern Europe and how it could affect America.

The conflict between Ukraine and Russia goes back decades. Today, Russia sits on the border with Ukraine moments from a possible invasion.

“Of course, we have the traditional west-east rivalry and Ukraine, through no fault of its own, gets caught in the middle,” Dr Payerhin said.

Dr. Payerhin says that although the conflict is millions of miles from the United States, if there is an invasion of Ukraine, Americans could feel the effects economically.

“Russia’s main strength is the abundance of energy sources it has,” Dr Payerhin said. “If they stopped sending gas and oil, it would really have a powerful impact on the European economies, which are very closely linked to the American economies,” he said.

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Ukraine is not a member of NATO, which is why American troops or supplies were not sent to help the country. President Joe Biden has taken a tough stance saying that if Russia invades neighboring NATO allies, the United States will take action.

“Make no mistake, if Russia goes ahead with its plan, it will be responsible for a catastrophic and unnecessary war of choice,” President Biden said.

So far, US troops have been sent to neighboring NATO allies like Poland and Romania.

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