A doctor explains why it’s dangerous to make your own formula

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) — As parents wait for unspecialized formula to ship to the United States, some doctors are warning of the dangers of making your own formula at home.

Dr. Steven Abrams, a pediatrician affiliated with the American Academy of Pediatrics, says users of social media platforms are posting recipes, despite security concerns.

“We know that homemade formulas, even those online, are at risk of having contaminated components, they have the wrong mix of minerals and proteins for babies, and often the things you add to them may not be absorbed. by the baby,” Dr. Abrams said.

He says there are mixtures that are downright dangerous.

“Those that use things like hemp milk and almond milk, they’re nutritionally inadequate, those that use evaporated cow’s milk aren’t ideal, we’d rather people not use them,” did he declare.

The AAP recently approved the use of whole cow’s milk to replace formula for babies over 6 months old. Toddler milk could also be an option.

“If you’re going to do this, especially if it’s going to be used for longer than two days, you should check with your pediatrician about iron levels because in these babies who are almost a year old, the biggest problem is is that there is not enough iron,” he added.

He says the last time the US had a formula shortage was in 2020, when sales skyrocketed after people hoarded formula, but it wasn’t that bad. . The current shortage has been caused by supply chain issues, as well as the closure of the country’s four largest formula milk producers in February due to bacterial contamination.

“I don’t think we’re going to see things get back to normal for another 2-3 months, but hopefully the kind of crisis that’s been bothering families so much will gradually improve once we start importing the normal formula. ,” he said.

Dr. Abrams also advised against diluting formula to make it last longer, as this can cause low sodium levels and even seizures in some babies.

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