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The GE Money Bank loan was thought to be dead, the financing institution was taken over. It now offers various loans. The My Money Bank loan, its new brand, supports you in your daily life. But the establishment focuses on heavily indebted households. So if you want to quickly obtain a credit buyback, you must read this article carefully. Because yes, sometimes life can turn upside down for very little. And thanks to the refinancing of your debts, you will quickly find better purchasing power.

Maybe now is your lucky day. The My Money Bank loan may have something to do with it. The credit organization highlights an expertise of more than 20 years in financing. In order to simplify the processes, obtaining a remote loan is offered for you and your family. It would therefore be a shame not to take your chance.

Types of My Money Bank loan

A note before developing the financing solutions offered by the establishment. Unlike banks, My Money Bank focuses on the credit products it masters. Like a restaurant that offers more than 12 dishes, in general, there is frozen. The organization has chosen to focus on homemade products. Thus the flagship products are consumer credit and credit redemption. Always with the aim of providing you with the best solutions.

My Money Bank consumer credit without proof

For your projects at home or to go on vacation, why not request a tailor-made My Money Bank loan. Depending on the amount you need, find a loan that suits all your will. No need to waste time with loan brokers, go live with My Money Bank and you won't be disappointed. A call loan below the 2% APR bar and exceptional monitoring conditions. Do not delay in applying for a credit because time flies.

My Money Bank credit redemption

More than a specialty, its reason for existing. The repurchase of credit adapts to you. You are in debt. You are looking for a solution to lower your monthly payments. No worries. The My Money Bank advisor takes care of everything. He prepares you a financing plan according to your criteria. In addition, it offers you the possibility of obtaining a new My Money Bank loan . So what more can we say?

My Money Bank loan
My Money Bank loan

For a recovery of your mortgage or in order to consolidate consumer loans, the loan buyback solution has always been proven. So above all, prepare yourself. For this, it is possible to use the credit simulation tool. The latter allows you to gain height on your financing. In fact, in a few seconds, you will have a return on the financing conditions but also and especially the amount of the monthly payment. You will only have to enter the total amount of the loan and its duration.

The advantages of the My Money Bank loan

Choosing My Money Bank means above all wishing to join forces with an organization on a human scale. The advisers are at your disposal and help you day by day. They provide you with sound advice related to your situation. The solutions offered are always flexible and personalized.

Having a vibrant establishment is also very important. After a My Money Bank loan request in 5 minutes flat, the establishment undertakes to respond to you within 48 hours. Finally and this is another notable advantage, you will not have to change Bank. For good reason, My Money Bank does not offer a current bank account. You will be charged only one monthly payment and that's all your traditional banker will see.

Contact My Money Bank customer service

The proximity and availability of advisers is the strength of the establishment. At any time, you have the possibility of obtaining answers. To do this, all you have to do is contact them by phone by dialing 02 51 89 55 07 (cost of a local call). The teams are present in Nantes and La Défense (Washington DC).

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