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It's time to take advantage of a LisaBank loan to prepare your summer plans. And why not a move. Or quite naturally a trip abroad. As the sun is about to surface, it would be a shame to get stuck at home because you have no money. The Crédit Mutual Group's online bank bends over backwards to offer you support in your daily life. But especially in your projects. It would be a shame to regret it. Because the loan conditions are very advantageous today. Why not prepare your LisaBank loan application?

The best of online banking

It is not uncommon for people to be unfamiliar with LisaBank Online Bank . It's not so bad! You will quickly understand the operation and the advantages of the model. LisaBank is positioned between Greendayonline, the specialized credit institution, and the physical bank Crédit Mutual CIC. The recent actor is positioned to respond to your concerns with good advice but also speed. For example, you will benefit from a banking customer area. You will be able to contact your bank advisor directly by phone. No more time spent waiting in an agency.

But then the LisaBank loan opens up to what prospects? The answer is ready-made. For a consumer credit or to the extreme for a credit redemption, know that the Online Bank can do everything. And better than that, she does it right. Whatever your project, at any time if you are a client, you can ask your client advisor to prepare a financing solution for you. This will meet a specific need. This does not bind you. The long-distance relationship is more fluid because you set the pace. The advisor will then be responsive to take advantage of your opportunities and release funds.

LisaBank loan types

LisaBank personal loan

The declining credit is a simple financing and undoubtedly the most widespread. The idea is simple: the LisaBank loan is granted to you over a specific period. Following this, monthly repayment installments are predetermined according to your repayment capacities. From there you are committed to repay until the end the credit contracted with the Bank online and in exchange for this, the Bank makes the funds available to you.

LisaBank auto moto loan
LisaBank auto moto loan

Of course, the financial institution is ready to give you freedom. In case of hard blow or if a transaction falls on your account. All the unexpected. It is possible to reschedule the debt. Or simply to proceed with an early repurchase of credit . But let's not dwell on it, there are many other funding offered by the organization. The personal loan is therefore suitable for a medium-term project. For example, buying a car or renovating your house via a works loan . For shorter-term needs, there is consumer credit.

Revolving credit

According to the commercial formulas: LisaBank consumer loan , consumer credit or revolving credit. The main objective of this short-term financing is to bridge a cash flow gap. It can be granted over a long period. It doesn't mean that you will be paying interest all the time. For good reason, the operation of the loan line is as follows: you can draw on the reserve up to the limit granted. Interest is calculated only on amounts spent and not reimbursed. If you do not use the cash reserve made available to you, you will not be charged any loan interest.

But be careful, this reserve of money can be drawn directly from your credit card. All you have to do at the checkout is to choose to pay for your items on credit. The risk is forgetting that money has been spent and not paying it back quickly. This type of credit is most often granted with the minimum guarantee, the Bank paying well on the interest rate. It is therefore essential to pay your debts quickly. Also, unlike the previous funding, there is no timeline, so it takes willpower.

Payment solution

The payment solution can be a sort of hidden consumer credit offered in partner stores or simply the possibility of paying for your purchases in installments. LisaBank has chosen not to offer this service, as the revolving loan can already be taken out from your bank card. What is the point then to sign alliances, for a degraded service with new brands.

Credit redemption

LisaBank loan refinancing is a solution that makes individuals doubtful, yet it is currently one of the most profitable. With the fall in interest rates and especially the possibility of taking over an existing mortgage, the repurchase of credit is at a historic level because it allows households to make significant savings.

This is the reason why loan consolidation is offered at all levels in the banking group, both at Crédit Mutual or CIC Bank and at the consumer credit subsidiary Greendayonline . Real competition even internally in order to provide customers with better financing conditions. With the single LisaBank loan, you are sure to arrive at the end of the repayment serenely and at the same time you limit the contacts to your single customer advisor.

LisaBank loan simulation

To take charge of your destiny and to put together your LisaBank loan solution on your own, there is an online tool available to help you. This is the credit simulator. An intuitive interface to prepare you to launch the simulation and accessibility at all times. As soon as you have a little moment, take the time to familiarize yourself with the credit simulation solution in order to personalize the financing that is important to you but especially the gift you need. Big advantage of the online bank, you have the possibility once arrived at the end of making your request for loan LisaBank in stride.

To get a quick answer on the feasibility of your project, a first job on your side is to estimate the overall amount you will need for your project. Following this, it will simply be a question of adapting the monthly payment and the duration according to your financial resources. Remember to allow for a margin because the cost of credit insurance is not included.

Online customer area

If you are a LisaBank customer or once the credit agreement has been signed, you will obtain your credentials to connect to the LisaBank customer area online and take advantage of the services available on the platform. You will not be disappointed by this very functional tool which will allow you to do many things but also which will keep you in view of your expenses and reimbursements. The connection is secure, have no fear.

Customer service contact

Before contacting customer service by phone, we advise you to check that the question you want to ask them has not already been answered in the FAQ section.

contact monabanq

Whatever your request, you can leave your question directly online, once connected to the customer area. For those who prefer contact by phone or if you are in an emergency, you can contact a customer service advisor from Monday to Friday 8 am to 9 pm and on Saturday 8 am to 4 pm by dialing 0 810 002 001 (attention, the (call is billed at US $ 6 cents per minute in addition to the cost of the local call).

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  1. A simple car loan with advice from LisaBank, the online bank. I benefit from the best financing conditions even though I haven't been a customer for a long time, I opened an account in order to obtain the car loan. A real good plan if you want to buy a car and have it financed by a professional.

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