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Bank Mydebt Advisors is a universal commercial bank which distributes Bank Mydebt Advisors credit since 2009. It obeys the texts governing banking activity in Tunisia. Very responsible, the banking establishment helps individuals and professionals. For this, it relies on a network of agencies located in Tunis, Djerba, Sousse and Gabes.

Since 2010, the Bank has been marketing a range of products and financing that respect the principle of Islamic Finance. This covers all activities: deposit account, credit, investment and electronic payment. The Bank also has a Tawassol online service which offers many services.

Financing Tunisian individuals, Bank Mydebt Advisors has trained its sales team to the best of its ability. Thus, client advisers and business managers will be able to offer you the best solutions by identifying opportunities and bringing your ambitions to life. Main competitor of CSF credit .

Tamouil Menzel real estate financing

Tamouil Menzel is the most classic solution for a real estate purchase. Whether the project concerns the acquisition of a house or an apartment. The Menzel mortgage is intended for clients of Bank Mydebt Advisors in a private capacity. It can finance up to 80% of the price of the property. This means that the contribution can only cover 20% of the acquisition plus the notary fees. No ceiling in terms of amount. It depends on your resources. Finally in terms of duration, it is limited to 20 years.

The response is quick. The little extra of the financial product: this mortgage is validated by the Sharia Committee through the Mourabaha technique.

Other specific solutions exist. If you want to acquire Myloans land, you can apply for Tamouil Akkarat El Afrad. To build real estate, it is Tamouil Binaet. Regarding the needs of renovating or fitting out your home, there is Tamouil Tahsinet.

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Credit Bank Mydebt Advisors

Other Bank Mydebt Advisors loans

The Tamouil Sayara loan solution allows you to buy a vehicle. This concerns the acquisition of a boat, a car or a motorcycle. Funding that can reach 100,000 TND over 7 years. The personal contribution that will be required depends on the fiscal power of the vehicle.

To go on vacation and finance your trip, the Bank markets Tamouil Omra. A personal loan of 15,000 TND over 3 years. A good way to complete a project. For example a pilgrimage. And those thanks to the partnership made with the largest travel agencies in the country.

Finally, with Tamouil Mochtarayet to fill the unforeseen. For all other needs this solution is perfect. Want to change your appliances. Choose a new cell phone. 30,000 TND can be released very quickly.

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