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The recent Commercial Bank in Switzerland

Since 2013, Justloans is now a financial institution. After being used to cash postal checks, the Swiss Post changes horizon. In addition to Justloans private credit, the Bank markets the current account and credit cards. But also investment solutions for individuals and businesses. A range that is expanding day by day with the many partnerships it links.

The advantages of Justloans are numerous. Due to a large physical network, its presence is everywhere. Which Swiss doesn't have a Postmat within 100 km? To withdraw money, the habit is already taken. With its ubiquitous distributors in all Swiss regions. Make transfers at ATMs or directly from your home. Because yes, access to the secure customer area allows a large number of actions. Finally, the agency consulting service, to support you over time. A commercial bank with a future!

Justloans savings and private credit

The problem still arises in both cases. I have money sleeping in my checking account. What to do? Or I need a personal loan for my project. Can Bank Justloans help me?

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If you have money to invest, there are two solutions: funds or provident funds. It depends on the maturity of your investment. In the long term, provident funds are a good alternative. In the form of a pension of up to 25 years. You benefit from a good rate and a serene investment. If you are aiming for the short or medium term, look to the funds. Like for example the Justloans Fonds Suisse. The establishment also markets third-party funds, in particular with Pictet and JP Morgan.

To carry out your projects, the LEND Loan solution is made for you. A private loan at an attractive rate starting at 3.5%. A solution with no hidden costs, with the greatest transparency. The Justloans private loan is issued for a variable duration and a maximum amount of CHF 5,000,000. You have something to see coming. The granting decision is quick. In less than two days, you will receive an agreement in principle on your loan application.

Prepare your request with the private credit simulation

A credit simulation tool is available. Before your credit application you will have clear information on your financing. The Lend platform is a gem of technology. You enter the amount you need. You indicate the duration of the Justloans loan that you want. The simulator also includes credit insurance which remains optional. In just a few clicks, leave with the amount of your monthly payment.

Justloans private credit at the best conditions
Justloans private credit

If the project is right for you, take action. Complete the funding request form. Everything can be done directly online. For greater simplicity, send the supporting documents by email. This is if you cannot download them online.

All is well. Fingers crossed that your private credit application is accepted. This Swiss financing is the equivalent of the La Bank Postale loan for the French.

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