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Take advantage of the Crédit Maritime real estate loan rates to get started in a project that will satisfy you all your life. In fact, the interest rates granted for land financing have recently become very favorable. Households benefit from it so why not you. Although a loan must be repaid, you may not have had the idea of ​​owning a house or an apartment. And yet if you have a chance it might be now. So yes, let the idea go through your head and think about it. Why continue to be rented at the mercy of social landlords or a natural person. Everyone must be able to buy their home.

Different products to support you in your daily life. Depending on your project and your resources, come and meet a client advisor specializing in mortgage loans. Crédit Maritime is at your side to make your daily life easier. A great way to change your life and stop sending money out the window in your rent. Expert advice to set up a personalized Crédit Maritime real estate loan solution.

Types of mortgage Credit Maritime

Fixed rate mortgage

It is undoubtedly the simplest financing. A controlled and simple way to obtain a mortgage at a fixed rate. You directly obtain the overall APR rate of the financing. No surprise the credit plan is set from the start. Your Crédit Maritime real estate loan is built step by step in an agency or directly online via tools. To help you, there is for example the credit simulation. A simple interface which returns you according to your request for funds and the duration of the repayment the monthly repayment.

mortgage loan
mortgage loan

Choosing the fixed rate loan is wanting simplicity. Do not waste time, and make a simple loan over time. Buy an apartment or a house with confidence. Bank Crédit Maritime remains at your disposal during the total duration of the financing.

Revolving credit

For households a little more in difficulty, there is a simple product: the Crédit Maritime revolving loan. An effective financing product to meet needs over a short period and which is reimbursed at your own pace. In this case, no timeline. Revolving credit gives you the freedom to decide how long you want to repay. But be careful, when you use the reserve of money available, you pay interest. And yes, the game is worth the candle. It is therefore necessary to use this financing solution only for short periods. For good reason, revolving credit is often used at the end of the month to pass a course while waiting for the salary.

The trap is there! Some French think that it is good to live with short-term funding. Because yes, you only pay interest on the credit when you use the period. But beware, interest rates are much more important than a personal loan. So do the count before and prepare a project. You will always be a winner.

Boat financing

Who other than a coastal actor can assist you in financing your boat. And yes, Crédit Maritime also means proximity to the sea and knowledge of the nautical world. Exclusive financing can be offered to you in branch at very competitive rates. The Credit Maritime loan should not be taken lightly. Just like buying your home, pleasure boat financing is precise. You therefore build a schedule with your banking advisor. The latter uses a loan simulator to offer you the best financing conditions. Nothing is left to chance as you will understand at Bank Credit Maritime .

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