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The Orange Bank was created in 2018. The Orange Bank loan followed quite logically. In two forms: consumer credit but also mortgage loans. Financing offers in addition to banking services. On the free model, the new credit institution has already attracted more than 400,000 customers in a few months. Such a success for the company that a manager of the banking subsidiary sits on the group's executive committee. But beware, if the Bank is now in deficit, the model and the arrival of financing offers is also there to tip the scales. Everything free has limits. Thus the loans offered are remunerated for the Bank and they will have to be repaid.

More and more active remotely, digital banks are always offering new services via the application. The Orange Bank loan can be obtained in a few clicks. Obviously the level of decision will depend on your project and therefore on the amount of credit. But it is already a great step forward to generalize requests for Orange Bank loans on mobile phones. For Iphone users, don't worry, there is also the equivalent on the Apple Store. So if the interest rate is attractive, why not save time by opting for an online financing application. Especially since the number risk is distance. However, in the event of a problem, you can easily go to a nearby Orange branch!

Types of Orange Bank loans

Orange Bank consumer credit

Unlock up to 35,000 US dollars to complete a project. Yes the temptation is hard. Yet this is what Orange Bank offers to its customers. Because yes, in order to benefit from Orange financing, you will need at least have a bank account. But for that no problem because as a reminder all the banking services of the establishment are free. So my Orange Bank loan to go on vacation, to carry out work or to change car, it can materialize. In addition, with the credit simulator, all the important information will be described to you. The interest rate on the loan will be written in black and white along with the total cost of the loan. From the start, you will also know the monthly repayment that will be charged to you each month.

A credit solution not to be missed for anything in the world, formerly loan Mydebtadvisors . It is often said that new customers are better endowed than loyal customers. The recent Digital Bank simply reproduces a model that works! The Orange Bank consumer loan is intended for individuals who reside in United States. Discover the credit conditions directly on the website.

Orange Bank real estate loan

Despite the crisis, despite the rise in house prices, the French have never dreamed so much of becoming a homeowner. In order to support them in the best possible conditions, Orange Bank has taken the game and provides you with turnkey financing for your home. And that, at a more than interesting interest rate. You will tell us, but how do we do it? You will also need to open an Orange Bank bank account if you do not have one yet. Subsequently, the request for an Orange Bank loan will also be made on the site.

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orange bank loan

For that, you just have to follow the 3 described steps. Namely the description of the project. To do this, fill in who you are, your job and the real estate project you have. Subsequently, you will be asked to mount your financing. Using the Orange Bank mortgage simulation tool, it's very simple. In a few clicks, your monthly payment, the duration of the loan and the total cost will be displayed. If you are interested in the offer made, go to step 3 of finalization. You will be asked to scan or send the supporting documents. After a few days you will receive the acceptance or not of your Orange Bank mortgage application.

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  1. I need funding for our new project. Where can I find the credit simulation tool on the Orange Bank website?
    On the other hand, were you able to test the services of the credit institution? What are the interest rates offered?

  2. Very good Orange Bank credit. I was able to get the funds quickly. This not to waste time but also to avoid all additional costs.
    A big thank you, I also have a checking account with them and it's free!

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