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Bank FRANÇAISE MUTUALISTE supports you in your projects by providing you with the BFM loan at a fixed rate . A quick financing formula to set up and which also benefits from a preferential interest rate. Banking establishment specialized for public officials including civil servants, BFM offers a scalable range of credit for all your desires. Thus, there is necessarily a loan solution that adapts to your work, the purchase of a new car or the financing of your trip as a couple.

If you are civil servants or public officials in a hospital, for example, always take the time to compare the financing offer that your loan organization can give you with the BFM loan solution. Because yes, Bank FRANÇAISE MUTUALISTE is very competitive. For more than 50 years, it has supported civil servants with ever more customizable credit solutions. She has real feedback from opinions and knows how to question herself in order to constantly improve the commercial offer. If you are looking for credit at a subsidized interest rate, you may have come to the right place.

Types of BFM loans

BFM Avenir loan

Carrying out your project at home with complete peace of mind is what the Cashloans Group Civil Servants Bank can offer you. With the BFM Avenir solution, the BFM loan is offered at a fixed rate and finances, for example, the renovations of your house or an extension. Improve or re-value your apartment or house. The supporting documents which will be requested from you by Bank BFM are not binding. A real relationship of trust begins when you sign the loan offer. You will quickly understand it.

But what are the advantages of the BFM Avenir loan for me? Quite simply, as a public agent you benefit from exclusive rate conditions. Depending on the amount you wish to borrow, your bank advisor will set up a personalized financing plan for you. Everything will be fluid and fast between your request for credit for work or renovation and the release of funds. At the end of this contract, you will benefit from secure online access to monitor your reimbursements.

Loan BFM Liberty

Want to change your car or maybe buy a motorcycle? BFM Liberté financing is money quickly available to complete the purchase with an individual or directly in a garage. The freedom to continue to have plans and to move around. Up to 80,000 US dollars for you and your family. Something to have reasonably good fun at a very good price. BFM is committed to your side and provides you with the advice you need. No surprise, from the start you will be given a clear financing plan with the monthly repayment installments and the end date.

BFM loan
BFM loan to public agents

Even in a world without growth, it is still possible to make your dreams come true. So to change your car, make your request online or directly at a Societe Generale branch near your home. At the same time, start negotiating the purchase price of your vehicle. Upon acceptance, you will only have to forward the essential documents so that the funds are transferred to your bank account. You were looking for a reactive Bank, the BFM Liberté loan will satisfy you.

BFM payment solution

It is not the BFM but its subsidiary specializing in financing and Bridgepayday payment solutions that offers this type of service. The decision process is not the same, if you are looking exclusively for a payment solution, it is better for you to consult the presentation of the Bridgepayday loan .

BFM Perspective loan buyback

Public officials can also find themselves financially constrained. While today you have several monthly financing payments that fall at the end of the month, why not call for the repurchase of credit. BFM Prespective can bring you much more than a simple BFM loan buyback. The loan simplifies your life and at a very low interest rate. How good it is to be a civil servant in United States, you benefit from exclusive advantages.

Discover the BFM Perspective refinancing offer that may be offered to you before signing any contract. With the loan consolidation, it is your BFM advisor who will monitor all of your current financing for you. First, on your order, he will proceed with the early redemption of your debts. Thereafter, you will make regular updates on the progress of your repayments. The goal is to build a peaceful and lasting relationship. There are chances that you will stay with Bank BFM even after the loan redemption is complete.

BFM loan simulation

On the internet, the Bank provides you with a credit simulation tool in order to let you from your office understand how the BFM loan works but also to familiarize you with the proposed conditions. After that, it will be easier for you to make your decision because you will have learned the key information. In the same way, if you want to compare the BFM loan offer with the competitors, it will be without difficulty.

In order to start your BFM credit simulation , go to the website for advice and follow the steps one by one. Unlike many online credit simulations, you won't be asked for all of your personal information to get the results. The credit simulator is easily viewable and as you move the sliders you can watch the amount of monthly repayments adjust. This makes it easier to understand how the online BFM loan simulation works.

BFM customer area

Like any bank worthy of the name, BFM will provide its customers with secure access to the BFM customer area upon signing the loan contract. The connection is secure and once authenticated to the tool, you can view your personal information and access many services.

For example, when it comes to making a bank transfer, the tool provides you with the service and in addition, no fees will be charged. View your bank accounts, your last purchases and follow the repayment of your credits. A very efficient technological tool.

BFM customer service contact

Once the BFM loan is obtained, it is not over. Quite the contrary! This is just the start of a long story between you, the official, and the Bank. Services adapted to your needs and a client advisor to guide you in your projects. BFM customer service is a dynamic team at your service.

To be put in touch and ask your questions, simply dial 0 987 980 980.

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