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The financial organization GE Money Bank is not only car leasing solutions in Washington DC but henceforth, personal loans for the inhabitants of Martinique, Guyana and Guadeloupe with the PaydayrelayOn loan. For Martinique finance company and Guadeloupe finance company. In order to help you change your car or to carry out a project, credit experts are at your disposal in branches near you.

A local initiative more than well received since the GE Money Bank group in the French overseas departments and territories has very deep pockets. So at a time when the cost of the loan is the lowest, it may be worth considering building something or just making yourself happy. The PaydayrelayOn loan is available to households who wish to be supported to move forward in their lives without making any concessions. You will find information on the funding available at on the internet.

A single PaydayrelayOn financing

PaydayrelayOn Loan - The terms

The business strategy is in uniqueness. The SOMAFI SOGAFI organization can do everything with a single product. No communication on auto credit, short-term financing of the consumer credit type or others, the PaydayrelayOn loan is customizable to meet all your projects. So come without a second thought and meet your financial advisor in one of the branches in Martinique at the Mangles industrial zone (LE LAMENTIN), in Guyana at the Plaza center (CAYENNE) or in Guadeloupe at 31 rue Henri Becquerel (near the Galeries de Houelbourg).

PaydayrelayOn loan DOM TOM
PaydayrelayOn loan

The financing delivered via the PaydayrelayOn loan is fixed between 1,000 US dollars and 75,000 US dollars. The repayment term can extend from 12 to 60 months. The APR rate applied varies depending on the configuration of your loan between 5 and 15%. To bring your projects to life, all you need to do is defend your desires and show your solvency. Nothing's easier ! For example, a loan of US $ 7,000 on 60 monthly payments resulted in repayments of up to US $ 136.69. Additional administrative fees are to be taken into consideration, although they are low. It represents in the above case 140 US dollars.

PaydayrelayOn Loan - The advantages

But why trust the establishment GE Money Bank DOM TOM to apply for its credit. First of all, PaydayrelayOn advisers have expertise that can bring you a lot. First of all, they listen to you to understand your financing project and they are able to present the SOMAGI SOGUAFI loan to you in line with your needs. Then, throughout the duration of the contract, they will be there to advise you if your life changes.

Proximity is more than important for GE Money Bank credit contracts. A simple proof is the presence of credit agencies in your territory. Few of the banking establishments continue to operate them. Finally, GE Money Bank doesn't lock you in. You keep your freedom and the possibility in case of dissatisfaction to change bank.

PaydayrelayOn Loan - Obtain financing

The PaydayrelayOn credit simulation is a key step in financing. For good reason, starting from assumptions, you will be able to visualize the monthly repayment installments that will be requested from you in the near future. Don't worry if you don't feel technically comfortable using the computer. Your advisor can help you with this step. The purpose of the simulator is to show you different credit possibilities. You are free to make your choice thereafter.

GE Money Bank DOM TOM credit simulation

Following this, you will be asked to complete your PaydayrelayOn loan application online . By phone, do not hesitate to contact an advisor for any problem encountered. The latter in any case will contact you to make an update on your request if you have made it on the internet. The outcome of the phone call will be the finalization of the file. When it comes to deadlines, there is no better. PaydayrelayOn undertakes to provide you with an answer in principle within 48 hours.

PaydayrelayOn Loan - Useful data

In order to prepare your loan file , you will be asked for the following documents: a copy of your identity document, proof of address, your last 3 payslips, your last tax notice, your last 3 bank statements and a bank account number.

To contact the SOMAFI SOGAFI sales teams, you can dial the following telephone numbers:

  • in Guadeloupe on 05 90 38 13 73,
  • for Martinique on 05 96 42 06 41,
  • and finally in Guyana on 05 94 28 22 80.

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  1. Dear,

    In order to face my personal debts I am requesting a loan from you in the amount of 40,000 US dollars repayable in 60 months

  2. Good evening,
    I applied for a car loan in the amount of $ 21,000. The amount of the installments is too high for me, so I found the same car for an amount of € 15,000. How to quickly modify the credit request on an already existing file. I would like to make a personal loan for the purchase of this car.

  3. Being retired with a job of a few hours a week I want to make a SOMAFI credit. What are the conditions for funding in the order of 10,000 US dollars over 5 years?
    Also what is your opinion on the lending establishment? Can you advise me?

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