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MGEN launched its first financing solutions with the Cashon loan. Loans for different projects and the possibility of insuring at the same time. While the fall in interest rates is now a reality, various players in the banking sector are looking for additional services to offer customers in order to boost NBI. But this has a direct influence on insurance groups and mutuals, which feel under attack. The answer is brutal, the latter are opening up banking services in order to counter the big banks. Deployment at reduced cost, since it is about capitalizing on existing customers and supporting them in their daily lives. A good thing for households because we know that competition lowers costs.

But MGEN didn't get into credits by chance. It distributes a quality Cashon loan that meets the needs of customers. Remaining on its core business, the mutual provides additional services for the well-foundedness of its customers. Your advisor can, on request, set up financing for a future project. You are then free to compare the credit offer with that of your Bank but generally, Cashon is positioned at a good price. The fact of accumulating insurance for example in the case of a car loan can also be a very good thing. Quite simply because it greatly facilitates your management afterwards.

Types of Cashon loan

Auto loan

Let us stick to the example cited above. The Cashon loan can be a car loan. For the financing of a new or used car, there is a new actor. Do not remain confined to the traditional banking network or concession financing. You will gain by comparing the offers in terms of interest rate and duration. In all cases, the choice will remain on your side in the end. No risk and no cost, credit simulation requests are offered and without obligation. The current rate for information is 1.50% APR over 24 months.

casden car loan

As traditional car credit is traditional, Cashon can offer you alternative financing. This is particularly the case with rental with an option to purchase (LOA). Simple and practical, you are considered the renter of the car for the duration of the contract. At the end of the day, you have the choice between returning the vehicle if it does not suit you or proceeding with the repurchase provided for in the clauses of the contract. Obviously, the price was set upstream. Here, it is not a traditional Cashon loan but a long-term rental with a final option.

If you are self-employed and make professional use of your vehicle, then find out. You could benefit from tax advantages as part of your car loan or your rental with option to buy.

Private real estate loan

Want to buy real estate, Cashon markets the mortgage. If you currently have home insurance, this can be very handy because the monitoring of the contract and your monthly payments can be consolidated.

The establishment offers real estate financing solutions adapted to your project. You are looking to finance your primary or secondary residence, house or apartment, buy shares in SCI, invest in rental property, carry out real estate work, buy back your loan ... Whatever your project, Cashon financement finds the most suitable solutions for you. With a large network of partners, the mutual will compare real estate financing offers to bring out the most advantageous. Be careful, this is not just a matter of looking at the fixed interest rate. Indeed, the quality of the third-party establishment is also gauged. Cashon works with the largest French banks and local credit institutions. The real estate Cashon loan can finance up to 100% of the price of the property over a period of 2 to 30 years (the personal contribution is therefore optional).

To better adapt to your needs, several types of mortgage loan (amortizable loan, in fine or bridging loan) are distributed at the best market rates. If you don't have any real estate lending experience, it doesn't matter. Your Cashon advisor will put you at ease and advise you on loan products.

Works credit

Different from real estate credit, work credit aims to ensure the restoration or development of your home. Before requesting any financing, we advise you to check that your work does not fall within the measures of the zero rate PTZ loan . Indeed, you risk missing a potential financing without interest.

cashon loan MGEN
cashon loan MGEN

In order to offer you a sum of money, the establishment may ask you to justify your work. In some cases, the money is only released upon presentation of invoices. Usually, a quote is sufficient but it will depend on your financial standing.

Student loan

Cashon also thought of the students. A credit for young people to enable them to study in suitable conditions. A Cashon loan ceiling nevertheless limited to US $ 21,400. Under these conditions, no proof to present. So you can pay for shopping and rent for your apartment with confidence. Listen, the APR interest rate on this financing is currently set at 1.005% APR.

Redemption of Cashon credits

Unfortunately, sometimes the monthly payments get out of hand. And yes, life is not a long quiet river. Sometimes the MASCF loan is not enough. In this case, the repurchase of credit which consists in taking over your debts in advance and renegotiating your conditions can be very profitable. Do not remain unresponsive if the delay on your monthly repayment installments accumulates. It is good to take the problems and face them.

In order to gain purchasing power and find reimbursements at your level, go to a branch and come and discuss your money problems with your advisor in complete confidentiality. Sometimes, it is easier to discuss financial difficulties with the mutualist than with your Bank. Take the step and build your Cashon credit redemption step by step in a personalized way.

Cashon loan simulation

macsf at the best rate

Whatever type of loan you have chosen, the credit simulation step is a must. In a few clicks from the website, you will be able to think about and project yourself on the loan of tomorrow. Adjust the amount of the loan and vary the monthly repayment or the duration of the loan. You will see the different financing conditions adapt in real time.

Cashon customer service contact

Already an MGEN member, you have a customer area. We advise you to get in touch with your advisor directly by message from the digital mailbox. If necessary, you can call him on his direct line or visit him.

For prospects looking for a Cashon product , the process is different. It is important to travel to show your motivation and value human contact. However, if you need information in advance, do not hesitate to call customer service by phone (cost of a local call).

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