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Contrary to popular belief, you do not necessarily need to be at RSA to obtain a CAF loan. True, the Family Allowance Fund helps more difficulty with their project. For this different financing exists and also loan aid. To help you out for a few hundred or even thousands of US dollars, be careful not to miss key information.

There are not many lending organizations that are well established and continue to finance the real economy. So if you are in a difficult financial situation, how to put it, even more strained for you. Fortunately with the CAF loan, there is always a solution to get you out of there. But for that, you will have to meet requirements and constraints.

Example of a CAF loan: the Caf auto loan

Unlike the RSA, formerly RMI, the CAF loan is not remitted for active job search. The funding corresponds to a well-defined project that will allow the individual to relaunch in his working life or to continue to go to his place of work.

caf car loan

The CAF auto loan is a good example. For good reason, the sum of money given to you corresponds to the price or part of the price of the vehicle. In return for this financing, you agree to go to your work but above all to repay the monthly payments. It's as simple as that, but be careful, to get it you have to meet social criteria.

Because yes the credit rate is subsidized. So it unfortunately cannot be distributed to the general public. Also your debt ratio will be analyzed, the goal being for CAF to recover at the end the money made available. The CAF loan for the purchase of a car is not the only financing offered by the organization. You will discover them during the page.

Before taking out a CAF loan, check your eligibility for financial aid

Indeed, why apply for a loan from the social organization that you will subsequently have to repay if you can obtain financial assistance. It seems logical yet most households do not think so. The duty to provide information may simply not be respected.

To help the most disadvantaged, CAF distributes aid to support you in your life. This is particularly the case when passing a driving license. Indeed, if you are at RSA and want to obtain the B license, financial assistance of up to US $ 1,500 can be paid to your driving school. A real good plan when life is tough. This in order to facilitate your job search afterwards. Getting paid for the permit is a strong social action to revive you, especially if you live in a rural area or if your job requires travel. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your Pole Emploi advisor.

Also see if you meet the social criteria to receive the Christmas bonus. For good reason, the premium starts around 150 US dollars for a single person and is revised according to your couple and the number of children. Unexpected financial assistance during the winter period which does a lot of good to prepare for the end of the year celebrations in serenity.

Finally, there are targeted aids that correspond to the stages of your life. This is particularly the case with the premium for the birth of a child or the moving premium. Depending on the case, you will need to meet criteria to reach them or not. Find out beforehand so as not to learn that you have not completed the necessary procedures. It is too late after obtaining a CAF loan to backtrack and ask for help. Do things in order so you don't miss a thing.

The social CAF loan for the purchase of a car

Your vehicle is in a terrible state or you don't own a car and that is causing you problems. Don't worry, CAF will help you and offer you tailor-made financing. If you are at RSA or if you have a small income, you will need to build a case to defend your case. Although the CAF social car loan is vital for more than one of you, the establishment receives too many files to accept them all. You must therefore be as prepared as possible to optimize your chances.

loan caf financing for all
CAF social credit loan

To obtain a car loan of up to 1250 US dollars, your family quotient must not exceed 720 US dollars (the limit can be changed). This amounts to repaying monthly installments of 25 US dollars each month for the most spread financing possible. This gives you a margin of safety. But be careful, to obtain it, you will need to provide the letter of intent with the seller including the price of the vehicle as well as your last tax notice. If you previously had a vehicle, consider adding the scratched registration card, the certificate of non-pledge and the technical control of the old vehicle to obtain the CAF automobile acquisition loan more quickly.
Apply for the CAF Emergency Relief loan

If you can't see the end of the tunnel anymore, don't wait to apply for an honor loan. This funding is distributed at a zero rate. So you won't pay interest. Help in the form of funding granted to get you out of a more than dangerous situation. If you are a student, know that the CROUS can also help you. Ditto for business leaders who can turn to ADIE. It's better to recognize your situation than to wait and face the wall. These CAF honor loans can reach up to 3000 US dollars. If you are future parents, you will have priority.

CAF works or move-in credit

And yes, in addition to the moving allowance, the Family Allowance Fund can accompany you to your new home by having a CAF loan that can meet a need for home improvement or to equip your house. No strict rule to obtain financing except for the family quotient. The proposed amounts can reach 1000 US dollars for works and 800 US dollars for the purchase of household appliances. The interest rate is 1% fixed. In order to put together your loan file, we advise you to go to a CAF office or to fill out the form on the CAF website in the Social Loan section.

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  1. CAF offers limited funding for the purchase of a car. But it's still a good alternative. Because today offers 0% credits. I recommend that you check if you can be eligible.

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