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IKEA store credit is marketed by the sales subsidiary Norrsken. For your purchases, there are simple and effective financing solutions in store. No need to turn to a credit broker, with the Noorsken loan you will be able to see it coming. Credit financing for all your projects.

You will be free to make purchases in peace. There is the consumer credit associated with the IKEA Family card, the work loan and even car financing. If you have another project that does not fit into the framework, no problem, Norrsken advisers are at your disposal and will do what is necessary to validate your request for funding. LoanNow is synonymous with freedom, you will discover it now!

Types of LoanNow

Norrsken personal loan

Tailor-made financing for renovating or simply changing cars or carrying out work. A very interesting interest rate and an optimized process to make your life easier. The supporting documents requested must be left directly in the store. No need to prepare postal letters and wait before your file is studied. The LoanNow is simple. Just go to an Ikea store to get personal credit. It doesn't take hours.

LoanNow IKEA
LoanNow IKEA

You will be given a credit card. You can make your purchases directly. The Ikea Family credit card also offers you other advantages that we will describe to you below. Funding is effective upon purchase of the equipment. Changing your kitchen can be expensive. Many households simply do not have the cash flow to carry out this project. That's why IKEA has thought of everything. Its financial subsidiary is a real asset for boosting sales. But on your side it's also a great advantage. The financing rate is advantageous and you simplify the process. The personal loan application is done directly, you don't have to wait. You leave directly with your purchases. What more can you expect from Norrsken ?

Norrsken consumer credit

Shorter-term solutions are also available if you don't want medium-term financing but just a little cash help so you don't end up in the red. Associated with the credit card, this revolving credit formula allows you to draw on a reserve of money at your convenience. So don't worry, the banker will not call you to ask you to regularize your situation. You find serenity and complete your projects.

Ikea Family Norrsken Card

With the Ikea Family card you already get a loan reserve of 1600 EUR upon acceptance. That's not all, you have access to the payment facilities. You will be able to pay in several installments at the cash desk and sometimes at no additional cost. Yes the offer is really worth it. You don't need to be a good manager of your finances. The credit card helps you make ends meet at moderate cost. A good point for many French people who wish to continue to live well while cash is increasingly difficult to save.

Norrsken credit buyback

Like many banking establishments, Norrsken has chosen to offer the repurchase of credits to the greatest number. Not present in the home loan, he focuses and specializes in the refinancing of personal loans and revolving credit. In the consumer credit buyback market, Norrsken is a player that has managed to position itself well. Many IKEA customers therefore take the opportunity to resume any bank commitments they may have.

Lots of satisfaction points on refinancing LoanNow, first of all, you will no longer have to juggle many interlocutors. You gain in simplicity. But let's be honest, that's not what makes you change your mind! It is the low rate financing conditions that encourage you to switch. By renegotiating the terms of the loan, you make direct savings on the monthly repayment installments.

Norrsken credit simulation

Don't overdo it! This is the watchword. The Ikea credit simulation allows you, among other things, to limit yourself. No need to start with insane financing, adapt your desire, your project and your monthly payments to yourself. Not putting a knife at your throat is important. Prepare a flexible financing plan using the quality tools offered by the online lender.

It only takes a few minutes online to perform a loan simulation . So don't rush things. Take the time to prepare your LoanNow application , it will benefit you. If you don't have the time, we recommend that you go directly to the branch to get a quote. The experts know what they are doing, not always you. So rather than do something wrong, don't wait to seek advice on the credit solution that suits you. Have no fear, Norrsken advisers don't bite.

Norrsken customer area

Once a customer of the banking establishment, you will not be let go in nature. A secure app allows you to track your Ikea account online. So you can easily view your latest purchases. Even if you have received access to the Norrsken customer space beforehand, otherwise the task will be difficult. Other imperatives, internet connection and basic computer skills.

The tracking platform can be very interesting. Once authenticated, you will have access to multiple services. Not all of them will be useful to you, but you need to know them better. For example, you can follow the repayment of your Ikea credit or simply know the amount of your money reserve. This makes it easier to plan your next purchases.

Contact Norrsken Customer Service

contact Norrsken Ikea

If you have any questions, you have the option of meeting the Norrsken advisors at the Ikea store closest to your home. But that's not all. Customer service is also accessible by phone and on the internet. Starting a chat or sending an email only takes two minutes and can get you an important response quickly. So take the time to study Norrsken credit solutions and write down any questions that pop into your head to make sure you don't miss a single one.

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